Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale Week Ending April 14 , 2017

Important Dates

No School- Easter Break

April 17th - 21st, 2017

Spring Pictures

Wednesday April 26,2017

PTG Meeting

April 27, 2017 @ 5:30 PM

Community Mass

Saturday May 3, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 1st - May 5th,2017


The Easter bunny will be at Catholic Academy after the 10 a.m. Mass and 11:30 a.m. Mass on Easter Sunday. How do we know? We were told by the big bunny as he was making a quick visit recently.

By the way, did you know that the Easter bunny is an ancient Christian symbol? The notion that the Easter bunny was pagan came from the mind of one of the Grimm brothers and, like viral videos today, gained strength through the years. In ancient Greece, it was thought that rabbits gave birth as virgins...yes, you read that correctly. The early Christians used the symbol of a bunny for our Holy Mother. In fact, in some iconography, rabbits are seen with the Virgin Mary.

Bring your own Easter basket and join the fun! Open to all ages!


Spring pictures will be Wednesday April 26,2017 students will be able to wear free dress and siblings will also be able to take pictures together.


Please note that you can still purchase your 2016-2017 Yearbook at the price of $50.00.

Don't forget to send any pictures you've taken of CAS activities, you can email any pictures you'd like to share.

Please find attached an order form for your use. Thank you



Practices will be on Tuesdays at CAS, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM and games will be on Thursdays at CAS, 5:00 - 6:00 (Extended Care will be available, but with a charge).

There will be a $40.00 participation fee, paid via cash or check (checks made out to Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale).

Should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Desiree Briones at

Thank you and have a great day!


The Annual S.J.C.A.L. Track Meet will take place on Saturday, April 29 at Saint Francis High School, for grades 4-8.

The meet will begin at 1:00pm, please see the attached form for approximate start times.

sign up for the events here

click here for the event schedule

As we begin our transition to the new logo, the existing logo'd merchandise in the office is now on sale. T-Shirts start at $5.00 each and hoodies start at $20.00 each. Please contact the office with any questions.

a letter from the principal

Dear Parent,

How proud we are of our Upper School students! Today Muslim speaker Samir Laymoun spent time with our students talking about his experience, faith and answering the students' questions. He remarked tonight about just how impressed he is with the thinking and expression of CAS students. He enjoyed his time with them, and left the meeting feeling hopeful and inspired.

In talking with Samir tonight about politics and world conflicts, I was reminded of the crowd that condemned Jesus - shouting "crucify him!" How blind the group was to the gift He was in their midst, and that, when given the choice, the crowd set free a known murderer and crucified Christ instead. I thought of my role in the condemnation of what is good for what is popular and/or easy, and I will spend some time with this idea over the tail end of this Holy Week.

And yet, I am redeemed.

I once attended a showing of Treasures of the Church where relics were openly displayed and an ordinary person like me could come close to some powerful pieces of history and wonder. A small piece of the Cross was on display, and I was sure that I would hardly be able to move to it and pray in front of it. Yet, I did. It was moving and meaningful, but something surprising happened. When I came to pray in front of the relic of a thorn that crowned Jesus, my body fell beneath me to the floor - face down, and the world seemed to disappear for a moment as I prayed and prayed that the crown of thorns be placed on my head and not His. On my head, for my sins, there was reason. On His head, God tortured. It was one of the most powerful spiritual experiences of my life.

In the darkness before the memorial of His rising on Sunday, I will give great thought to the thorns I have placed on the head of my Savior, and will ask for you to pray for me as I will pray that each of you comes to see His face and hear His voice.

May you have a holy, blessed and joyous Easter!

Susan Morrissey



This week in Toddlers we focused on our fine motor skills by lacing. We began with large wooden blocks and graduated to lacing cards. We finished off the week practicing what we learned by making pasta necklaces.

We also had a blast displaying our expert egg hunting skills. We found every last one of them!!

We hope you and your families have a blessed and happy Easter!!


This week in Preschool we introduced Aesop Fable's to the children. They really enjoyed the story of The Tortoise and The Hare.

In Art we talked about the artist Salvador Dali. The children painted their own interpretation of the Gift to Riker's Island.


This week in kindergarten, the students continued the science unit learning about about. We discussed and experimented with water's surface by counting how many droplets of water could be held on top of a penny. We also started a new chapter in math about 2D shapes and their different characteristics.

First Grade

First grade demonstrated advanced writing skills this week! First the class discussed the Easter season. Why is it so special? What do we celebrate? Then the class created a topic sentence: Easter is a special time of the year. Finally, it was time to put pencil to paper as students added details and a closing sentence. Our writing projects turned out wonderfully! Why do you think Easter is so special?

second grade

This week might be short but nevertheless, it is loaded with fun-filled activities.

They brought home their Star Math results and ready to show off their progress

The subtraction skills were reviewed as they played bingo.

In the spirit of the Lenten season, they thought two good deeds that will help someone they love. They also had an early easter egg hunt.

third grade

The Rosary

Each week after Mass, the third graders returns to class and say a decade of the Rosary. The class prayer leader (VIP) is in charge and chooses an assistant. Our classroom is blessed to have a large (maybe gigantic) rosary that the students enjoy wearing. Over the school year, our weekly decade of the Rosary has become second nature to the students. It provides a nice closure to Mass as well as a calming activity to help students begin their academic day.

fourth grade

The fourth grade class continues to work tirelessly on their mission projects. The students are almost done gathering information and are working on refining their notes into paragraphs. Students have been helping each other find resources online, while keeping a running bibliography of websites and books they have used. The next step will be to formally type up the reports.

fifth grade

This week in fifth grade Robotics, the students worked on writing a program to make their artist design and draw their names on the screen from scratch. They could set the width, pixels and colors of their lines to create their letters, use jump blocks to jump between letters, also use functions and loops to create unique fonts and patterns.

sixth grade

This week in sixth grade science the students learned about Earth Day. This consisted of watching a video about the history of Earth Day and making connections between conservation, sustainability, and how this influences their ecosystem models. In addition, to celebrate Easter, the 6th-grade students helped prepare for the Triduum.

seventh grade

This week in Science, the 7th grade class made bread for a science project. This allowed us to work together as a group and use our creative thinking skills to solve problems when creating the bread. For example, when we could not find a bowl to stir up the ingredients together, we compromised and use a glass pan to stir up the ingredients. We also had to do a lot of research such as finding how to make bread, what materials we need, and the measurements needed for the recipe.

In Robotics we made different robots with a set of instructions. Sarah, Andrea, William, Bianca, and Sam worked on building a snake robot while I made an electrical guitar robot. We also worked on coding our names on a website called With the help of the website, we were able to use our artistic and coding skills to make a product that is both beautiful and awesome. Some kids in seventh grade used colors to make their names pop out, while others coded animals or objects they love in their life.

When we participated in Industrial Design, we made sketches and models of organic and geometric shapes. This allowed us to use our unique and artistic minds to make something elegant. By doing these projects in all of these classes, they helped us improve our technological skills and become better scholars. Every time we thought of an idea or modified a product, we improved our minds to think artistically, innovatively, and with an open mind and heart.

Credit write up and photos to Gabriel Abella (7th Grade)

Edited by Nicole Korinetz (8th Grade).

Eighth Grade

During the Stations of the Cross, we remember that Jesus suffered for us. We get a chance to reflect on our lives throughout Jesus’s journey. As I participated in the reenactment of the Stations of the Cross, I felt like God was there with me. When I listened to the readings, it made me feel so connected to God and to what Jesus went through. The Station that I related to the most was the one where they talk about being allowed to fail and that sometimes we are not good enough. The Stations remind me that Jesus loves me and that he went through a lot. And, if He can go through that, then so can I. Being a part of the Stations of the Cross inspires me to keep on going and to not give up when things get hard.

Written by Francis H., Grade 8


In this week's lesson, the students learned three vocabularies and obtained the knowledge for saving the Earth. One of the videos broadcast about cow pollution. Many students were very surprised. Some students said, "I would reduce to eat the beef." Telling the students helps our Earth. If we would like to have a healthy Earth, we need to do the recycle and no waste food. And, please do not litter.

Happy Earth Day on 4/22.

Vocabulary: 地球日 dì qiú rì (Earth Day) / 垃圾 lè sè (trash) / 垃圾桶 lè sè tǒng (trash can) / 垃圾分類 lè sè fēn lèi (garbage classification)


Many classes got a little of both Health and PE this week. All groups got a chance to learn about the high sugar content of soft-drinks (Coca-cola and the like) and the other chemical ingredients as well as the biological consequences of over-consumption. Other groups were asked to interview their parents or other adults about the food-group contents of their breakfasts and dinners to determine if the meals would be considered well rounded based on a "3 of 5" and "5 of 5" food group meal model respectively.

Rain or shine, volleyball season has begun! While the upper-school field has the net set up for spring, the sun has not always co-operated. Nevertheless, in the gym or outdoors, our students learned the fundamentals of 'bumping' hand placement and footwork to place themselves and properly bump the volleyballs to their targets. The kindergarteners began practicing with beach balls to give their confidence a boost and athletic reflexes a chance to respond to the fast moving sports action. After break we will work on setting, spiking, and rotations followed by actual scrimmages in the weeks to come!


The weather was off and on this week challenging our students to be flexible before an unpredictable adversity. While plenty of fun was to be had both inside and out, it gave us a chance to evaluate our play items in the room and cycle in new items as well as others from the past. To the children and EC, each of these seasonal changes are like opening new Christmas (or in this case, Easter) presents and give new life to our indoor play and creative space. Special offerings this week included a visit by Mrs. Young with flowers (like the ones placed on our "Triumph of the Cross" event), as well as a treat of watching our Varsity A girls volleyball team play a game whilst enjoying a fun yummy treat. Everyday in Extended Care has opportunities for creativity, sharing, and socializing for different ages and grades.

Space is still available to join in all the excitement! Contact the office or Mr. Lee and we will help you find a scheduling program that is right for your after-school needs. Have a safe and wonderful Easter break!

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