UX for Edex Sinem unal

While I am listenning the lesson or reading our first week I took some notes about how can be Adobe Edex's persona and what is his/her problems, goals, etc.

With Adobe Xd, it was easy to create a persona for who use Adobe Edex to learn more and teach more. As I mentioned in our first week assignment, this is my first time with Xd. I found it very simple to use. I decide to design an app for Adobe Edex users (us). Since Adobe is a part of my dreams to work, I decide to work about that.So that, maybe I can get their attention. And hopefully they give me a chance to work with them after I complete my project :)

Here you can see the task of Adobe Edex Application. I tried to protect the web version but maybe when I am drawing the storyboards I will make some changes to make it look more simple, usable, understandable and of course enjoyable.


I did not know what I was up to and I do not know how much Adobe Edex web page includes. There are so many things (which makes it confusing in my decision) so I try to think something simple and enjoyable for Adobe Edex. As in our lessons, I start from paper phone screens. After I make my plan I continue by using Adobe Xd.

In conclusion, you can see my prototype here: https://xd.adobe.com/view/52edf901-3d40-4f4a-65e5-f829188f6f40-24dc/

Hope we can fix it together. I know how it looks right now but please do not forget that it is only a task to see how it works :)


When I was creating my style tile I highly inspired from blue color in the nature. Also for the psychological reason I picked the colour, blue.

According to Color Psychology, “Light blue is the color most linked to creativity. Sky blue is the most calming shade of blue that helps a person relax… [and] is also a color that inspires safety and serenity. Dark blue is the shade that is associated with intelligence and lack of emotion.”


hello,In this link you can find my prototype which I designed for Adobe Edex.https://xd.adobe.com/view/d759cb85-f3a2-4edc-4491-...I personally find Adobe Edex so useful but hard to understand. Due to the fact that there is too many tools and choices on website,I tried to design something more easy to learn, comment and search.hope you like it <3

Reflection of my learning

During the course I’ve learned Adobe Xd which I’ve never heard before. It was a totally new program for me and I’ve never expected that it is going to be so clear. As a new graduate student, however I don’t miss the school was really nice to felt like a student. I can say that even in my university, they did not program the lessons in this perfection.

I personally found my application design “clear and understandable ”It was difficult to work with iPhone X templates. Bring to front, send to back selections always takes time while designing. However I am not a teacher, it is a good opportunity to know this Xd program and tell that my work friends. I think I can show them in 1 hour, for the rest adobe has lots of tutorials.

Also, like in every final assignment in adobe, I shocked in a good way after I look at the beautiful works from everyone. It is crazy to see how our brains and creativity works so different than another. This is what makes people beautiful <3

hope to see you in other lessons.

Adobe team: thank you for giving me/us the opportunity to learn new things and knowing successful designers.

with love,



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