Ghana's idependance By: Savannah Connor

Attention to all press, you've all heard about Gandhi and his national movements to gain independence for his country, but have you heard about Kwame Nkrumah? He did just the same things as Gandhi did, he made national movements to gain independence for his country. He was another hero to the world.

Before Ghana received it's name in 1957, it was originally called "Gold Coast". The name Gold Coast was founded by the europeans for the large amount of gold resource available in the region.

The people who lived in the Gold Coast wanted independence from the British for a few reasons, the British government took control of trading forts, and in their years of ruling slavery was a big concept. many worked in the gold mines and or were being sold to neighboring states for white men instead.

Kwame Nkrumah was the man who gained independence for his country.

Kwame gained independance for his country from the British control in 1957, when he gained independance his country's name was changed to Ghana.

Ghana means " warrior king", because they were the first black nation in sub-Saharan Africa to achieve independence from colonial rule. They were proven that they are stronger than they look just by the start of one independance movement.

Kwame didn't just ask for independence he struggled to gain independence for his nation. He used methods like Ghandi of non- violence.

In 1949, Nkrumah formed the Convention Peoples Party in Ghana, a mass gathering of tens of thousands of people. They were prepared to launch a mass struggle for the abolition of British colonial rule over the Gold Coast. at the same time, Nkrumah formed links with other Pan-African organizations that were operating in other colonies of West Africa. When the CPP called for a Positive Action Campaign leading to massive strikes and rebellion throughout the colony, Nkrumah was imprisoned by the colonial authorities for sedition.

While Kwame was being held in prison his supporters grew. Many more people were convinced to join and help support kwames methods. When he was released he was surprised at how much support he gained.

Now in present day, ghana is free from any control all thanks to Kwame and has been officially been an independent state for 60 years.

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Savannah Connor

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