History of USSR tweet table

From @sovietstalin: slowly risking to power and becoming a leader #riseandgrind

From @sovietstalin: just introduced a five year plan for building a socialist economy #striveforfive

From @sovietStalin begging a purge against the communist party #purge

From @sovietstalin trying to lay low and avoid conflict also signed nonaggression act with Germany

From @A_hitler screw the nonaggression act I'm invading thes Soviet Union

From @sovietstalin fighting back Germany will not overtake us

From @nikikhru revealing all the crimes Stalin committed in my speech today

From @leobrez finally emerged as a leader

@leobrez feeling very sick but I refuse to leave office

From @mikgorby my turn now

From @mikgorby promoting new thinking based on shared moral and ethical principles

From @mikgorby my stratagem of avoiding economic change failed #economicdecline

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