The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt Ragan Sheehan

The Spatial Experience

As I entered the auditorium for the play I was thinking that it is a little small. My school had a huge auditorium for plays so it was not what I was expecting. During the play I sat in the middle towards the front. This turned out to be a good seat because when the actors came out and walked through the audience I felt as though I was a part of the play. I think the small setting really helped the audience experience the play in a new light and feel as though they were a part of the play. This small setting and sense of community is related to the Good Life because part of the Good Life is being close to the people around you.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with one of my friends. We got ready together and talked about what we thought the play was going to be like. I feel like attending the performance with one of my friends enriched my experience. Having someone I know there to sit with and discuss the play after was comforting. Having friends to share memories with and someone you can fall back on when you need them is an important part of the Good Life.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Some of the central issues addressed in the play are child and labor laws and morals. Before the play I knew that child labor used to be bad, but I think the play helped to really show how bad it was. The play made me thankful that the labor laws and child labor laws have gotten better and that working conditions are not how they used to be.

The Emotional Experience

The play provides us an opportunity for katharsis because it shows that no matter what happened in the play and what the characters did, they just had to admit to their wrong doings. The play also touched on some very touchy subjects. Not only did it portray how child labor used to be terrible, but it also brought in the characters moral obligations. Throughout the play the characters were faced with some really tough decisions where they really had to figure out where there morals stood.

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