Sweden cloey Waterbury

Football (soccer) is a very popular sport in Sweden. The object of the game is to get the ball into the goal on the opposite side. While playing only the goalie can touch the ball with their hands.

Tennis is another sport played in Sweden. Using a tennis ratchet you hit a ball back and forth over a net with a opponent in hopes of getting the ball past them.

In Sweden, the Scandinavian Peninsula is a peninsula along the main lands of Sweden. When the peninsula was covered in ice, it provided reindeer which attracted many hunters. When it warmed up, more life started to grow and more people came for the food and land.

The Turning-Torso is a tall building that was built to be free-standing element in the city. The Turning Torso resembles a turning spine.

Millesgården is another famous landmark in Sweden. It is an outdoor sculpture that has a park and museum.

The Vasa Museum is a large museum that holds a large 17th century ship.

The Swedish language is a Indo-European language that came from the East Scandinavians.

The sport Bandy is played in Sweden and all around the world. Bandy is the second most popular winter sport right behind ice hockey. Bandy is played on ice with sticks and a ball.

Sweden is a medium sized country that is surrounded by the Gulf of Bothnia and Baltic Sea. Sweden is the 56th largest country in the world and is shares boarders with Finland and Norway.

In Sweden, the main religion is Christian . Christianity began in 1000, spread by Saint Ansgar to the Swedish King.

In Sweden, the foods that they eat are reindeer and other game, along with vegetables that they grow in their gardens. They also enjoy eating Swedish cuisines.

Swedish meatballs are another type of wonderful food from Sweden.

Kladdkaka (Chocolate Cake) is a sweet, chocolaty dessert that the Swedish enjoy.

This is a picture of reindeer stew, a very common food in Sweden.

Waffles is another food that we enjoy that originated in Sweden.

In Sweden, there are many traditional songs and bands. One of them is Hedningarna, they sing Tuuli, Täss'on nainen, and more.

In Sweden, there are many fun dances. They enjoy dancing on holidays like New Year's Eve and The National day of Sweden.

In Sweden, the clothing is a lot different then in America. When people think of Swedish clothes, they picture aprons, long dresses, head coverings, neck scarfs, and waist bags.

In Sweden, they have many houses are surrounded by trees and water. The architecture has many windows and pointed roofs.

Sweden is a Democracy government. All the people get the power. The prime minister is the head of government.

Sweden wasn't in many war. One that they were in was the Thirty Year War. They also gained Norway from Denmark.

Sweden is Traditionally a neutral country when it comes to wars. They are not in conflict with any countries.

In Sweden they had many important people. Some of them are Hugo Theorell a Biologist and Scientist (1903–1982) and Anders Celsius a astronomer and scientist (1701–1744). Hugo Theorell made the discovery that organs absorbs nutrients to make energy. Anders Celsius was the inventor of the Celsius thermometer scale.

In Sweden, there are quite a few famous people. A famous actor was Peter Stormare, he is famous for his role as John Abruzzi in the series Prison Break. A famous Arthur was Tomas Tranströmer, some things he wrote were Twenty Poems and Windows and Stones. A famous musicians from Sweden was Stig Anderson, he co-wrote some of the songs Ring Ring, Waterloo, and Honey, Honey, and many more.

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