Artwork at the Harn By Claire Mobley

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

The Masquerade collection in the Harn required an in person, visual experience to fully appreciate the masks. If I only saw a photo of these masks, I would lose the depth of detail in each particular mask. The small details, whether it be in texture, color, or size, each unique aspect makes that particular mask its own. An in-person experience also built my appreciation for the constructor of that mask because, with an up close view, I noticed how patient the artist must have been to accomplish each detail. The masks were not that large either, so including immense detail in a small space was also very impressive. The variety of masks throughout the exhibit also broadened my idea of the term, "mask". These masks varied in size, texture, time period, group, and according to the details alongside, use. It is in this details that I knew a picture would not be able to do the masks justice. Furthermore, each mask had its own story. Reading these stories on plagues alongside allowed me to visualize the narrative and the masks' role in it. It made me feel like while I was looking at these masks, I was seeing a part of history.

One of the many masks in the masquerade exhibit
One of the stories about the masks that I found very intriguing

Design of the Museum

The wing of the museum that I found especially appealing was within one the exhibit there was a beautiful outdoor garden/ watefall. The museum creators developed the display of this nature scene with large floor to ceiling windows. They also made it the focal point of the room, as right when you walk in, you see the scene. This wing of the museum especially struck with me because of the simplicity of this garden. Although there were a variety of topics, whether serious or relaxed discussed, throughout the museum and art, this section was completely at peace. I felt like I could just stare at the nature and feel at peace, not concerned with petty issues. I think the colors and natural aspects have a calming effect on me that is unlike any feeling.

My view on the beautiful and peaceful waterfall/ garden display!

Art and Core Values

The Mirror Mirror/ Potraits of Frida Kahlo represented my core value. I have always had a strong interest in Frida Kahlo. Whether it was her unchanging facial expression, bold facial features, or extreme skill in self potriat, she was always so intriguing. I wanted to know why someone decided to self-potraits to such an expressive art form. I also respect how Kahlo changed the societal ideals from proclaiming women lacked artistic talent, to realizing how wrong that accusation was. Frida Kahlo value in my opinon was steadfastness. She was never unsure about her artistic abilties, and used them to express her emotions. This internal strength inspired me as I was surrounded by her impactful portraits. Her work help me stay determined to go after what I want, and accept challenge.

Me as I glanced around my favorite section, The Frida Kahlo section!
Frida and Me learning about each other :)

Art and the Good Life

Harn's piece, "Figuras constructivas", or Constructivist Figures, was very impactful for me and represented the theme of celebrating cultural differences. In my opinion, an agglomeration of cultural values develops a unique populace and ultimately, world. The variety of colors and shapes represents the differences that all people have, and it is in these differences where we learn and understand more about one another. I think finding my good life in particular involves interacting with various groups of people and learning from them in one way or another. To reach enlightenment, one must also be knowledgable about what makes him or her happy. The theme of celebrating culture outlines how the good life involves a collection of dissimilar people coexisting within our community.

my favorite work by Torres-Garcia, "figuras constructivas"

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