Carving By: Heath G

This image is a recording company logo So So Def. You may recognize it from the tv show the rap game. The founder Jermaine Dupri has a tv show werehe takes 5 amature rappers and turns them into stars within 13 weeks he takes them through challenges, performances, and interviews.

This is in photoshop I set the opacity to 48% since the image was black and the pen color was black.

This is in easel right before I was about to carve. To make it my own I got a text box and put 2017.

The machine has a drill bit wich carves through the material. That is why it is called a carvey because it carves. At first it looks like it is going to he black thing in the corner but then it starts to carve.

This is the final project. The carving turned out perfectly. next time I would space out the letters more. The most difficult thing was picking out the design.

Created By
Heath G

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