America Great

New York City

I want to know about people in New York Cites

New York City is a very popular city in the United States. Of all the cities in the United State New York City has the most people. There are 8,537,673 people as of July 2016.Some people think the capital of New York City is New York City but the capital of New York City is Albany. The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Twin Tower, and the Empire State Building are located in New York City. The the area of the Central Park is 3.41km squared. Did you know that the Twin Towers were bombed in Sept.11,2001 it was on the list of the top ten largest buildings. New York City is the fourth largest state in the United States. Did you know that from 1785 to 1790 New York City was the capital of America? The other reason that New York City is very famous is because of industry, commerce, and communication.

I want to know the difference about America food and France food

French people eat a very famous cheese that is called Le Fromage. The French like to eat escargot. But most people know that France people also like to eat baguettes, a popular bread in France. They have onion soup which is their soup. French people have a sweet tooth and sweet they like to eat less dessert and chocolate mousse. However, in America, people like to eat hamburger, french fries, sandwiches, steak, gumbo soup , fried potatoes, toast, pancakes, fried chicken, and apple pie. In the difference between the French and Americans is that France people eat healthy more than America people.

I want to know what will happen if people in America always eat fast food

Do you ever wonder what happens if American people only eat fast food? If you eat too much fast food you might get lots of diseases. You might get high cholesterol, high blood pressure, dental distress, headache s, heart disease, shortness of breath, and blood sugar spike. A lot of people suffer from these kind of diseases. The worst thing is that you can die from eating too much fast food because of the diseases. Fast food is so unhealthy. Fast food is delicious but delicious food always has consequences.


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