A Risky Fall By Alexa Figueiredo

Everyday someone get hurts badly. In order for them to continue their everyday lives and get rest, their friends or family have to make sacrifices in order for the person to get better. It all started on one scorching summer day. My family and I all gathered at my Aunt Maggy’s new house to enjoy a nice day. The “children” were swimming in their in ground pool while the adults did yard work. We were all pitching in to help clean up their yard. Everything was all overgrown, weeds everywhere, tree roots sticking out of the ground making it very difficult to walk without tripping. The yard looked like the jungle compared to the neighbors. I was considered the water girl throughout the day constantly going to get drinks for them. My mom had hollered to me “Alexa a bottle of water.” As told I went to go get a bottle of water. When I exited the garage I heard my grandmother wailing for help and crying frantically, as she was sitting the ground after taking a pretty high fall towards the ground. I sprinted quickly towards my grandmother attempting not to fall myself, as I hollered to my mom for her to come and help. After situating her inside it was determined that going to the emergency room was not necessary.
The next day (Sunday) my grandmother was taken to urgent care and was told that she badly had sprained her ankle and would have to be on crutches and a boot for at least 2 weeks. I felt very bad for my grandmother because she had to help my great grandmother 24/7 and she does most of the tasks around the house. That's when I decided to ask my mom if it was ok to go to my grandmother's house and help her. “Hey mom, I have a question. Is it ok with you if I go and spend a few nights at grandmothers house and go there for the two weeks she’s on crutches?” “Of course you can, but in order for you to be able to be there early enough you have to leave with your father or sleepover.” She replied with a huge smile
Throughout the two weeks I arrived to their house bright and early every morning as I would leave with my dad at 6:30 when he goes to work or I would have slept over there house the night before. During the first couple of days, I helped my grandmother get around as she was still getting used to using crutches. I completed typical tasks around their house. I would clean, cook, do laundry, wash dishes, make the beds, and help my great grandmother. Every morning I would cook breakfast for them, but my grandmother insisted that she would cook lunch because she thought I was already doing too much. As it was very important for me to be helping my grandmother, it was super important to help my great grandmother. As she [great grandmother] was growing old and relied on my grandmother to do everything for her. I helped her walk around, fed her, and other tasks.
In my eyes, the two weeks flew by so quickly When it marked the two weeks from when she fell, she returned to the doctors. She received good news that she would not need to be on crutches any longer but would still need to wear a brace. This allowed her to complete more of her daily activities, as I would not need to keep going over to help. Although I was only 11 years old, I took some initiative to act older and be a tremendous assistant. I sacrificed 2 weeks of my summer where I could have gone to the beach and hung out with my friends but instead I decided do something else. Now looking back at this, I was glad I had helped my grandmother because it brought us closer together and made me feel good. Making a sacrifice can be difficult but in the end it is always worth it.

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