Islam Callie Madej G3

Origin-Islam is believed to have originated in the 7th century Mecca which is where the prophet, Muhammad began his teachings. This religion shares some of it's prophets, such as Abraham and Moses with the religion of Christianity. Islam also follows some of the same principles as Judaism and Christianity.

Major Beliefs- The Holy Book of Islam is called Qur'an. Muslims believe that the author of the book was God and other prophets along the way. Muslims worship God in a building called Mosque. Before entering they must remove their shoes and wash their hands before entering. There is no global leader of the religion but there are political leaders and clerks who claim authority.

Various Sects of the Religion- Sunni and Shia are the two major branches of the religion. The Sunni branch believes that rulers could be people who followed Mohammad and the Shia branch believes that rulers descended from Mohammad.


Key Holiday's- Eid-Al-Adha and Ramadan are two major holidays of the religion. Eid- Al-Adha is is also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, they do this to remember when the angle put a sheep in place of the man's son he was suppose to sacrifice. Ramadan is when they fast from dawn to dusk for 29, sometimes 30 days. in order to reach spiritual purification.

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