S.a.v.e.1 is Seeing All Variables Equally


East Coast raised and influenced, Save 1 recently burst on the scene with his new EP, Save 1 Mash-Ups. This charismatic, sharped-thought rhymer has leapt on the scene and blazed it with a sense of humor, sincerity, and of course, the backing of Jonny P, the infused genius for all things magical in music and production. The syncopation of those elements have brought Save to this point, and now, he's building a name and a brand for himself.

With literally tens of YouTube views and a couple of loyal fans, Save is living his life in the perfect moment; he's in his ultimate zone. That's a vibe that permeates the entirety of his latest EP release, a celebratory effort filled with confident flexes and the South Jersey Emcee's easygoing sensibilities. All of SaveOne's influences were early artists based in the New York City area; true school legends like Cormega, Cappadonna/Wu Tang, Nas, KRS1, Xzibit, Redman, and Heltah Skeltah. As rap grew and became more diverse over the course of the '90s, productive scenes began to spring up in other locations around the country, and many Emcee's prided themselves on their technical dexterity in crafting lyrics. Nonetheless, Save 1 tends to gravitate to more aggressive beats and sample collages. In other words, with some exceptions, Save 1, not unlike east coast rap, has become an artist intended more often for intense listening than for the dance floor.

Rap music, and South Jersey's Hip Hop Kulture coupled with a particularly arduous upbringing have all inspired Save 1 to become the outstanding, sharp, cerebral rhetorician he is today.

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Seeing All Variables Equally is


SAVEONE: The Mash-ups

In association with Jonny P productions. You can catch Jonny P live every Saturday morning on The Breakfast Mix, South Jersey's 96.1 FM WMHR with co-host Diamond, and platinum producer D/R Period. Jonny P has several upcoming releases with major artists as well as Rockboy Records Artists, film features, and more to come, so stay tuned!

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