Extreme weather in the UK By caleb sugden

Heatwave 2003


The UK recorded its highest ever temperature of 38 degrees celcuis in Kent

Overrun hospital in the UK due to extreme heat

Over 2000 people died due to heat

Melted train tracks due to heatwave

Railway tracks buckled and in some places and some roads melted

Flood 2007

Child being rescued from a flooded car

Several people died

Flood due to extreme flood

Many were left homeless by summer floods that affected Hull,Sheffield,and Gloustashire

Floods 2008

Flooded city

Severe flooding occurred in south-west and north-east of England with Somerset,Northumberland badly hit

Heavy snow 2009

South-west England

Parts of south-west and south-west England were affected by heavy snow


20 cm of snow fell on the capital (London)

Floods 2009


The town of cockermouth in Cumbria was devastated by floods

Lake District

Record rainfall amounts fell in November in the Lake District

Heavy snow 2010

Heavy snowfall in the UK

Much of the UK was hit by heavy snowfall in December

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland recorded a record low temperature of -18.7 degrees Celsius at Castlederg

Floods 2013/2014

Southern England,London,UK

Severe flooding occurred across southern England causing the river Themes to burst its banks and vast areas of Somerset levels to become inundated

Rainfall and temperature chart for the UK:

It was Englands wettest winter in 250 years

Floods 2015/2016

North of England,UK

Severe storms and exceptionally heavy rainfall caused devastating floods to many areas,especially the north of England

Beach in Yorkshire,UK

Yorkshire and Cumbria were badly affected

December 2015 temperature chart in the UK:

December 2015 was the wettest and warmest month ever recorded in the UK

September 2016

Hot weather in the UK

In September 2016 it was hotter than June,July,August.

By Caleb Sugden

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