Good Life Tour of the Harn Amanda Kirrane

Medium of the Art

The piece "Ode à l'Oubli" by Louise Bourgeois (2004), in my opinion, is a piece that should be seen in person. Although the collage is minimalistic, i feel that use of fabric really adds dimension to the piece. Bourgeois collected these pieces of fabric over her lifetime, which I also feel adds an extra element to piece as well as a feeling of sentiment. It was striking to me that although the piece was visually minimalistic, the use of the fabric, shapes, and words portrayed a more sophisticated and meaningful piece of art. This piece made me feel safe and calm. The washed out colors and use of negative space allowed me to take in all of the different parts of the art while not feeling overwhelmed and the use of fabric as the medium softened the entire piece.

Design of the Museum

My favorite wing of the museum was the Asian Art wing. The design of the wing was incredibly aesthetically pleasing. The medium stained hardwood floors the matched the hardwood detailing on the ceiling felt warm and modern but also the vertical direction of the boards transitioned your eyes beautifully to the large window that had an amazing view of a small garden. They did an excellent job connecting the two spaces. The natural light cascading in made the room feel open and airy. They also left the center of the room open, with the art and sculptures lining the walls, leaving an unobstructed view of the window, treating it as if it was its own piece of art. I fell in love with this room, it made me feel open and happy. I could have stayed in there all day just looking out the window.

Art and Core Values

The piece "Scenographer's Mind VIII" by Eija-Liisa Ahtila (2002)appeals to my core value of a good work ethic. Even though the woman in the photograph is a mother, she is still at her work station, getting what needs to get done- done, as well as taking care of her baby. I find this woman to be strong, taking on so many responsibilities and that makes me feel proud of her. Taking on motherhood and a career. This an example many women should have in their lives. They stereotyped role of a stay-at-home mom is undermined and replaced with a strong working woman. Even though she does not have anyone else to care for her child, she knows that she must work to survive and to thrive.

Art and the Good Life

The painting "Forest with Heron" by Herman Herzog (c. 1899) conveys the good life theme to me because it reminds me of a nature preserve in my hometown. It's beautiful dusk seen reminds me that all things lead back to nature, and this is the nature that we must work to preserve, so that it may thrive and be viewed and appreciated for many years to come. It inspires me to always maintain a calm state of ind and remember where I come from, no matter how far I go.

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