Sports Socks Sock buying guide: Nike v.s. Adidas

If you are searching for a great pair sports socks that stay comfortable, or are hunting for good brands that last a long time, no need to stress anymore. I have found a great variety of sport brands that last a long time and range from $10-$30, they also include a cotton fabric to make up the socks, for it has been discovered that cotton, when it’s wet it gets thicker and that makes it easier to move around.

Of course, the socks are a bit on the expensive side for socks, they last long and are comfy till the end. They are all great brands when you are running, working out, and just pretty much generally moving around.

Here are the best sports socks under $30.


Nike is a really good brand and they sell a wide variety of sports things. Most Nike socks come in a thicker cotton because cotton, when it’s wet it gets thicker, and normally, cotton makes a better sock than wool. Wool makes your feet sweat a lot, whereas cotton, it doesn't make you as hot as wool and cotton makes a longer lasting sock than wool.

Nike socks have changed and improved over time. Nike has discovered new things about their product to fix them or make them better. Like I said above about the cotton. And that discovery provides a sufficient change in their product. In fact, Nike uses cotton with almost all of their socks (which improves the sock itself) and make great sales on their product.

The Jordan Dri-FIT Low Quarter Socks are made with smooth, sweat-wicking fabric and arch support for comfort. The reinforced seams at the heel and toe are for durability in high-wear areas so then your socks don’t slide down.

Nike is currently is the world's leading company in footwear, and Adidas comes in after. Adidas specializes in common and athletic socks.

“The three most important features of the socks are fit, support, and padding. Other features that may be considered are lightweight and quick-drying materials.” Those top three things that socks should have are the best way to determine which brand is better, Nike, or Adidas.


Adidas socks are great long-lasting socks that offer a lot of comfort. Most Adidas contain 71% cotton / 20% polyester / 7% nylon / 2% elastane knit. They are good quality socks that last a long time and give you great comfort during your exercises.

The socks above are in the minimum height, and in the maximum comfort. These ankle socks are made with a stretchy cotton blend and have an Adidas logo on the cuff.

Create scoring opportunities while on the attack with these crew-length soccer socks. A padded toe and heel provide a comfortable fit when playing on the pitch. There is also an arch and ankle support in the sock. They offer more control and in-shoe stability. Thanks to grippers on the inside and outside of the sock, feet are locked into the shoe and make for easier change of direction and shot control. For players that prefer more cushioning, this sock has a thicker sole for even more comfort.


In conclusion, I'd say that Nike holds a better supply of socks vs Adidas. Nike and Adidas are both very good brands and both hold very good quality supplies, but in my opinion, I prefer the Nike brand over the Adidas. The Nike socks are very good and I have used both brands a lot, but I have always found that the Nike work best in most sport activities.

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