Parking is Time Jessica E. Davis

The parking at Clemson University is an issue because there are not enough spaces to accommodate each student, faculty and staff, whether living on campus or driving each day.

Introduction: As a freshman undergraduate at Clemson University, I do not see much of an advantage to having my car on campus. Yes, it is nice to have on weekends, but I have no desire to move it, or even step close to it during the week. This is simply because there is no telling where I would park it when I get back; nine times out of ten it would be farther than where it normally was. Individuals around campus, including friends and teachers frequently talk about their parking experiences. My peers often go places, and they have to park at the back of the parking lot because they describe parking as a "competition". One of my professors also talks about how long it takes her to find a parking spot when she comes to campus, so she pushed the class time back five minutes later. This issue matters to current students, faculty and staff, and future students, faculty and staff; because the population of Clemson is rapidly growing, so the amount of parking areas need to grow also.


Clemson's West Zone Parking Lot on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. -Jessica Davis
Close up of Clemson's West Zone Parking Lot Sunday, February 19, 2017 at 11:39 a.m. -Jessica Davis

Why is parking on Clemson University's campus so inconvenient?

Sources are all around us.

Literature Reviewed: The parking problem is affecting individuals on Clemson's campus because websites show that in the past there have been problems when it comes to having enough spaces. In 2001, Clemson's Board of Trustees put together an analysis and proposal on the feasibility of a parking garage because of the parking situation on campus at the time. Two years ago, Clemson experienced a big football parking problem, when they played Florida State University. ABC Columbia said that the grassy areas around campus would be used for many of the 2,500 vehicles that would be on campus that day. Rain drenched the lots, and left the athletic department scrambling for parking spaces, and at the time Clemson did not know how many spots would be available. Also, in 2012, according to the Taylor Reeves "From big cities to college campuses, tackling the challenges of parking", Dan Hofmann explained that “Currently, one of the biggest complaints about student parking is a lack of available spaces, I’ve been told that when you buy a parking permit here, you’re buying a hunting license,” joked Hofmann. “But we’re doing a lot of work with circulation that will hopefully change that perception.” Four months ago, a student named Catherine Hyland complained in her article "Clemson’s parking is truly catastrophic: Something must be done," that Clemson parking services are doing us dirty with their permit costs. As a commuter, she explains her daily schedule and the long periods of time to park.

Research Plans:

My plans to find information for this research is to meet with parking services next week and find out :

-How many parking permits are issued? By year?

-Student parking experiences

-Get a total number of parking areas on campus

-Find out how many of those areas are available to students, commuters, handicap, metered, etc.

-How many of those spots are reserved for campus events?

-What type of citations are given and where are the frequent locations issued?

Football Parking Areas. This shows majority of the parking spots on campus are paid for; therefore, students are asked to move.. but, WE PAY TOO !
Parking has to be more convenient.

Key Challenges:

-Not being able to get all questions answered when talking to parking services.

-Not finding enough information to get my question answered.

I will address these difficulties by allowing myself to have time to get them done so I will not fall behind or have to cram, even thought there are no due dates as of now.

Who is saying what?

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Hyland, Catherine. "Clemson’s parking is truly catastrophic: Something must be done". Web. 19Feb2017. <>

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