Penguins how penguins are affected by global warming

Penguins are mainly in Antarctica, the terrain in Antarctica is very icy and a lot of mountains made of ice.

this is a picture of Antarctica, Antarctica average temperature is -5 C to -20 C

Global warming is when green house gases warming up the Earth by trapping heat from the sun and warming up the Earth.

1.Penguins are being affected by the polar ice caps melting.

2.a temperature increase of 1.3°C will jeopardize 40% of the world's Emperor penguins and 70% of the world's Adélie penguins—largely because of diminishing sea ice.

3. Penguins that feed on krill, especially in the Antarctic, could see their food sources reduced.

By: Joseph and Gilberto


Created with images by Gilliane - "penguin humboldt animal" • MemoryCatcher - "icebergs ice antarctica" • fotshot - "feeding penguins birds"

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