Rome Geography Pic Collage Kate springer

Alps Mountains, italy

The Alps Mountains play a big role in Rome's Geography. The Alps crisscross the interior and separate two regions. It separates European land and Italy. The mountains were important to the government because they served as protection to Italy. They act like a barrier to keep intruders of Italy's land.

Italy Farmlands

Italy had great farmland. When the mountains leveled off land was flat and ideal for growing crops. People made money off of selling their crops to other people in their community Because of the farmland Italy could support more people than Greece. Lots of people traded with other people and were get more crops to support their family. This helps the government because the farmland helps people get the crops and resources they need.

Tiber River, Italy

Italy's Tiber river was very important. The river provided freshwater, fish, and other sea life to many communities near the river. everyone needs water and food to survive so the Tiber river was very important to people who got their resources from the river. This river was important to the government because it helped get everyone what they needed to survive.

Mediterranean Sea, Itlay

The Mediterranean Sea was a very important resource to a lot of people in Italy. A lot of people depended on fish to help support their family. They also traded their fish to other people in their communities. This helped the government because people were able to supply themselves with food


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