Receiving Proper Treatment in Women's Prisons Caroline Marie Childress

Female inmates are treated horribly by medical staff and personnel, and are given no rights in prison.
The medical personnel, who work in the prison (or who are brought in from the outside), rarely give their patients proper medical paperwork or material to learn more about the illness they have or how to prevent it from happening again.
Low quality technical equipment, much like this, is what is supplied to prison medical wards.
An area much like this was created for prisoners who need to be hospitalized without having to move them from the prison itself. The lack of high technical equipment is very evident in this situation.

Harsh living conditions of the prison, make it easy for illness to spread among the inmates.

Because of the number of cells which are in the prisons, mass illness is more likely to occur.

The conditions inside a prison are dirty and grimy. Because of this the chance of getting ill increases.
If the wardens of the prisons were given more money from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, small improvements could be made in the medical wards and living conditions.
Everyday women fight for their rights in the world. To have their rights taken away from them is unfair and unjust. Female inmates are women. They deserve the same rights as everyone else. Is it really right to take that away from them?


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