Off the Beaten Track In pairs or small groups discuss the following

Look at the photos of different holiday destinations. Which one would you choose? What makes a holiday fun and interesting for you?

Try to use the following vocabulary: hiking trails, natural landscapes, unspoilt, tourist attractions, accommodation, to be on a tight budget, wander around, bargains, go sightseeing

This is Alcatraz, "The Rock".

Would you consider visiting Alcatraz and sleeping in one of its cells?

Al Capone's cell

Have you ever taken a guided tour of a place? What did you like or dislike about it?
What kind of activities do you like doing on holiday? What do you dislike doing?
How do you or your family find out about places to visit while you're on holiday?
What is the most unusual holiday destination you have ever visited? What made it unusual to you?

Top 8 Worst Vacations Ever. Watch the video and take notes of what happened. What's the worst story, in your opinion?


Student A: Tell your partner about your worst holiday. Student B: Tell your partner about your best holiday.

What's on your bucket list as regards holiday destinations?

Have you ever taken a package tour? Talk about it.

Have you ever been in a difficult situation while traveling?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tourism?

Where do you usually stay when you’re on holiday? (e.g. hotel, resort, camping, family)
Do you ever go camping? What do you like or don't like about it?


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