Good Life Tour of the Harn Nicholas Orrick

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

One of my favorite aspects about the museum was how diverse the artwork was. I found it amazing how so many different people were able to find ways to express their creativity through so many different mediums. The artists went into such great detail in so many different ways, which is why I personally believe you have to see the artwork in person to truly appreciate it.

The issue with seeing a picture of artwork, as opposed to seeing it in person, is you miss out on so many of the little details. For example, this print from the Harn was so detailed that the museum had magnifying glasses as part of the exhibit. I found this exhibit particularly striking because of how detailed this piece was as a print, and how collaborative those details become when looking at the bigger picture.

Design of the Museum

I thoroughly enjoyed the design of the museum. The way the works were separated by their geographic origin allowed for some very interesting comparisons. One of my personal favorite sections was the African collection; I enjoyed viewing the creative artwork of a culture so distinct from my own. The use of videos in cooperation with the arrangement of the art also helped for a much more thorough appreciation and learning experience.

The use of gardens throughout the exhibit was also a significant enhancement to the experience. The gardens brought to me a feeling of tranquility that allowed me to enjoy the artwork even more. The gardens also brought to the museum a sense of nature, which can be an inspiration to many artists.

Art and Core Values

One of my favorite pieces of artwork throughout the tour was this statue of Buddha. Achieving a higher level of understanding and enlightenment is something very important to me, which is why I was able to identify with this peice so much. This artwork instilled into me an emotion of power and responsibility, and I began to realize how much control I have over my own life.

Art and the Good Life

It is very common for artists to incorporate the human condition. One of my favorite pieces that involve the human condition was this carving into a piece of stone. In my interpretation, this piece of art shows the connection between man and nature, which can be a key aspect of the good life. In this piece a man is holding something, which appears to be a piece of wood. I believe this shows the happiness that man can find when he is busy. This piece helped me to realize that as long as i surround myself with nature and keep busy, I will (hopefully) be able to achieve the good life.

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