Issues Affecting Aarey Milk Colony By Vedansh PILANI

Let me start of by telling you where it is

Aarey colony is located in goragaon (E)

The Biotic factors In Aarey colony are?

  1. Plants
  2. Vines
  3. Ghost tree
  4. Orchids
  5. Banyan tree
  6. Toddy palm

The Abiotic factors In Aarey colony are?

  1. Sun
  2. Water
  3. Soil
  4. Rocks
  5. Hills
  6. Dry leaves
Aarey colony spreads across 16 square kilometres (4,000 acres)

The symbiotic Relationships are

  1. Mutualism- The tree orchid helps pollinate the tree while the gives the orchid a place to stay
  2. Commensalism - The water wine grows on the tree and the tree is least bothered
  3. Parasitism - The banyan tree is growing over the toddy palm which will make the palm fall

Now I will Show you a Food Chain in Aarey colony

Food chain

Now I will tell you about the issues affecting Aarey colony

The he issue affecting Aarey colony is that the government wants to cut it down to make it like a place like BKC with malls and buildings. Other reasons are trash and pollution.

How to save Aarey

You can help save Aarey by logging on to and donating money. You can also help by sending letters to the government,posters and talking to people about it

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