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Bathing in rivers seems a bit old fashioned, doesn't it? That's not the case for the people of Varsani, India. I ventured throughout this city on a rickshaw. It was a very interesting experience. Varsani alone is one of the holiest cities in India, it's on the banks of the Ganges river, that which is considered a sacred site. There was a tour guide who told me all about the traditions involving this river. I'd never thought that a river could be so important to some. Later that day, I went to the Durga Temple. It is dedicated to the Maa Durga. This temple is one of the most famous in the whole city! It felt so cool being in the presence of such a structure. It was a roaring red with what seems like lots of doorways.


Yesterday I took a short flight from Varanasi to Bodh Gaya, which is where I am now. Some residents of Varanasi whom I talked to told me about the Mahabodhi Temple. So of course I had to visit as fast as I could! I went very early in the morning. This temple is said to be where Buddha attained enlightenment. This temple is crazy tall. It looks very ancient as well, I got a good vibe from this place. Oh but that's not it! I also took a long four hour drive to Nepal to visit Lumbini. This is the birthplace of Buddha.


When I saw that it was a five hour flight from Nepal to Saudi Arabia, I'll admit. I died inside a bit. But hey, I had to see the Mecca. It's the center of the Islamic world; known as the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad and the religion! It's Islam's most sacred mosque. I was so excited to finally be in the presence of it. There was a black box in the center, it's called The Kaaba. It's believed to have been built by Abraham and Ishmael. This is both a sacred site and religious architecture.


Since I'm already in Jerusalem, I decided to go to the Church of the Holy Selpuchre. It's the place where Jesus' tomb is at. He was also crucified here... kinda creepy being there! I didn't really learn anything new here, I know most of the Christian ways. It reminded me a lot of the churches at home, your typical place of worship.


I flew to Jerusalem to visit The Western Wall. I used to not understand the significance of this wall, but now I do! It's considered holy due to it's connection to the Temple Mount (which I visited next). It's a place where many people come to pray. Honestly I didn't expect there to be many people. I was so wrong. Many faces blurred my vision as I attempted to make my way towards the wall. People from all ages sunk to their knees in prayer. The Temple Mount though, that was even cooler. It's this hill, right? And it's basically one of the most important religious sites in the world.


Created with images by Harold Litwiler, Poppy Big Oak Photography - "Aya Sophia, Istanbul Turkey"

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