Town Of Pittsfield My Local Government

Pittsfield Town Hall

Address: 3041 Kunesh North Rd. Pulaski WI, 54162

Map of Pittsfield

Issues: 1.) Road Repairs: discuss cost of construction for Glendale Avenue. 2.) Community Park: discussed getting lights for park. 3.) Fire Department: approving new fire truck purchase. 4.) Town hall needs: need another large bulletin board to display Town maps. 5.) Snow plowing salary: discussed making adjustment to snow plowing salary $10,000.

The issue I chose was the fire department issue. They are handling the situation while discussing the new fire truck, they aren't going to pay all at once which I think is a good idea. I do agree with how they are handling this issue spreading out the payments are smart. I think they should buy the truck in could and will be useful in the future, I think they should spread the payments out to a once a month thing. And they could maybe ask other neat towns for help.

Presentation By: Londyn Ambrosius

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