The World Around Us The study of nature


How can we build understanding about the world independent of the human act of measuring it?

Our understanding about the world can never be independent from the human act of measuring it. As Phil Plait discusses in his article Science IS Imagination, he complaints that people do not understand science, the study of nature, because they misunderstand science as a dictionary where truth lies within. In his article, Plait believes imagination is what propels scientific discoveries. He proposed that science is more dynamic than simply categorizing the natural world; it is imagination that inspires the people in history to keep exploring until they find the ultimate truth. As imagination inspires and motivates, the further investigations confirm a scientific theory’s validity. Science is not what is there; it is what we know that is there. Thus the human act of measuring will always be an integral part of any scientific discoveries.

Many people regard science as purely what IS there, that should be strictly measured. Yet it is also imperative to understand the very fact that science is done by humans, emotional beings that doesn't necessarily operate as programmed robots to fulfill only specific requirements. As we are born with the ability to imagine, science, the very tool we use to observe and more importantly to understand the world, shall also be used with our imagination. Not only does imagination inspire us, furthermore it provide us accessibility to things that we cannot physically percept or understand.

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