Term 2 Week 11

Shabbat Commences 5.05pm/Shabbat terminates 6.04pm

From the Principal

What a way to end the term!

This week has been chock a block full of achievement and success for Carmel School! Our Marketing and Communications department was kept busy with good news coming in thick and fast.

Adam Kerbel won a national JNF award for contribution to the Jewish Community (Youth) category , our gymnastics team came first with Sasha Lawrence getting first place, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Camp was a hit and our Year 8 students raised over $1200 for Menora Charity Fund!

On Thursday we had the privilege of listening to Professor Shulamit Levenberg from the Technion who described her work on the cutting edge of stem cell research and rejuvenation and tissue engineering. Carmel School was her only stop outside of UWA.

But then again, this is just another week at Carmel School. Always busy, always daring to do better and punching way about our weight.

After all the hard work, our staff and students deserve a well-earned rest!

Stay safe over the holidays, and try and make an play date / arrangement with someone who may need a bit more love and care from the Carmel family.

Shabbat Shalom,


Primary School News

WA Interschool Gymnastics Challenge

On the 26th June 2017, three Carmel gymnastics teams competed in the 2017 WA Interschool Gymnastics Challenge at Loftus centre. The girls had worked hard in training to prepare their skills for the competition. All three teams looked magnificent in their silver and blue leotards and proudly represented Carmel. Team blue, was awarded first place out of all the teams competing. Sasha Lawrence was placed first overall individual gymnast and Emma Levy was placed third out of over 40 competitors. Well done to all coaches and students involved.

Top 10 in the gymnastics competition

1st - Sasha Lawrence, 3rd – Emma Levy, tied 4th – Eliana Singer and Sivan Nagle,6th – Erin Havas, 7th – Annabel Moen.

Well done to our Gymnastics Teams!

JNF Visits

Students had a fun and educational time with Yigal the JNF shaliach who came over to run activities this week. They identified places on a large life size map of Israel and played ball games to find cities on the map. Students learned how careful we have to be with water and passed cups of water from the north if Israel to the south taking care not to spill a single drop!

The younger students decorated their new JNF bamboo tsedakah boxes! Thanks to Nikki Leib for organising Yigal to come over and work with us!

Thanks to Yigal the JNF Shaliach who visited Carmel

Keeping Safe Online

Y Safe? Y Not?

Jordan Foster from ySafe, completed online safety information sessions with all year groups on Tuesday 27 June. She engaged the students actively and meaningfully at an age appropriate level as she showed them handy hints on how to keep safe online and more importantly helped them recognise how to know if they felt unsafe.

By the end of their session the students could tell Jordan how they keep themselves safe in the real world and then how they keep themselves safe in the online world.

They also rehearsed the responses they would give to the internet” bad guy” and what they might do if they were worried about something that occurred online.

A particularly valuable parent education session followed on from this interaction . This weekend is a good time for parents to engage in a discussion with their children by asking questions directly if they have ever been cyberbullied or not felt happy about what has happened online. Jordan highlighted a key take home point: during your parent child discussion always reassure your child that if they ever tell you something that took place online that bothered them or wasn’t going well they would not shut down their activity online or take their device away, but would rather support their child with any challenges they were facing. Carmel School follows the same approach.

Her ABC of cyber safety management was most valuable as she explained how to Control Access, set Boundaries and Communicate openly. She also explained how to set up a Cyber Safe Home using the Family Zone App to control multiple devices in a family or Family Zone Box which plugs into the router for additional devices in a home inclusive of smart tvs.

I commend Ari Jacobson in Year 6 who delivered an introductory talk to the audience on how the internet impacts on our young population and how to use it wisely and to best effect.

Carmel School supports students in using online platforms safely and effectively and we are delighted to have engaged with our parent body as critical partners in this process.

Lynda Fisher

Cyber safety with Jordan Foster

Winter Carnival. 2017

After an indifferent regular season of netball, football and soccer, the year 6 cohort approached the final excursion to the winter carnival with a refreshed outlook and renewed vigour hoping to put the memories of past games behind them. To their credit they did and looking at them on the field last Thursday, you would think they were different players.

As is custom for this event, the footy group combined with four players from Loreto (Nedlands) to put a very competitive team on the park. Winning most of their games and coming third on a narrow percentage from Tranby and All saints, they were delighted to beat their nemesis Newman College and John XX111 on the way. A huge thank you to Arik Singer for so ably coaching the boys and girls in the team this season.

The netballers had been practicing twice a week throughout the term and this certainly paid dividends. Their play was more structured, throws more accurate and a real desire to be competitive was evident. Progressing through the day and improving game to game they came home with more wins than losses on the ledger.

Carmel children play endless hours of soccer and it was this group that had the most success in previous inter school encounters. Again, they were in control of the majority of their games and came off the field smiling. The most pleasing aspect of this group was their ability to organise themselves with limited input from adults, share the positions and responsibilities equitably around the team and coordinate effectively on the field.

Despite the dire weather forecast, not on drop fell during the carnival, much to everyone’s relief. In all, it was an enjoyable day of sport renewing old friendships and making new and the small number of year 5s that attended are already looking ahead to next year’s event.

Paul Carter

News from the Primary Library

The Majzner Family kindly donated two books, The Holocaust: the origins, events and remarkable tales of survival by Philip Steele and Singapore by Jane Hinchey, in honour of Jack Cohen’s 94th birthday. These will make great additions to our library collection.

The Café Club

The "Café Club" is a social group which meets on Wednesdays at Café 61 and provides year 6 students with a safe place to connect with others, build friendships and learn whilst enjoying various social activities! Each session gives students the opportunity to build their social skills, communicate, interact with others and enhance their friendships. It is a place where students can learn from each other in a supportive environment. Hope to see you at the Café Club next term!

High School News

Shorashim Update

They are off!

Our Year 10s are enjoying Israel, soaking up every moment of the Shorashim trip.

Replete with photos, student reflections and updates, our Shorashim Facebook page is the best way to keep up with all the excitement and happenings of this experience of a lifetime.

There are so many people who made this trip possible.

• We thank Simon Lawrence and Heather Niss for their outstanding organisation.

• Thank you to Morah Shohan, Simon Lawrence, Chris Hall and Debbie Katz for accompanying our students on this 3-week whirlwind.

• Thank you to the Korsunski Trust to subsidizing the cost of this trip, ensuring that ALL year 10 students get to go to Israel.

• Thank you to WIZO for sponsoring t-shirts.

• Thank you to Jonathon and Debbie Silbert from Falck for giving our students water bottles. (It’s boiling in Israel, so this is a most useful gift!)

• Thank you to the Frank Family from Camera Electronic for giving our students disposable cameras with which to take photos.

• Thank you to JNF for giving our students bottles and trees to plant in Israel.

• Thank you to Café 61 for the most stunning backpacks.

• Thank you to the UIA for sponsoring hats, ensuring our kids are sun smart while on the trip.

• We also thank an anonymous donor for donating ‘Live for me bracelets’ that the students will receive at their visit to Yad VaShem.

We love and appreciate that there are so many people and organisations in the community who support and encourage our Shorashim trip.


Shorashim News

The Year 10 students have been having an incredible experience over the past week in Israel. They climbed Masada and took in the sunrise and swam in the Dead Sea, and again at Tel Aviv and in the Kinneret. They have participated in archaeological digs, wandered through several markets, learnt about why Israel is known as the Innovation capital and even had a ‘blackout dinner’ where they ate their meal entirely in the dark, making use of the senses of smell, hearing and taste. There was also the opportunity to visit Independence Hall where Israel was declared a State by Ben Gurion in 1948 and the students caught up with the Habo Madrichim to find out about the Kibbutz. The schedule is busy, and the days jam packed with students clocking up 28,000 steps a day!

Congratulations Adam Kerbel!

The annual JNF Changemaker Awards were held in Sydney on June 25. We are so proud of Year 12 student, Adam Kerbel, who was named as the joint winner in the 'Contribution to the Jewish Community (Youth)' category. Adam was nominated by Arik Singer at the Perth Hebrew Congregation (PHC) for the volunteer work that he undertakes there. For the past year, since Arik first joined the PHC, Adam has been volunteering at the PHC on Saturdays, running events and activities for young people. His focus has been on organising activities at the PHC to attract young people to the congregation. Adam’s volunteer work is not limited to the PHC, however, as he also works with residents in the Maurice Zeffert Home, teaching them the essentials of computing so that they can remain up to date with new technologies. Adam has also volunteered with other organisations, including the Cancer Council, in an events management capacity, the JNF and the Menorah Charity Fund.

Mazaltov on your achievement Adam!

Risky Behaviours Talk Year 7s and 8s

For a long time, research has been telling us that teenagers are a lot more likely to engage in risk-taking behaviour than any other age group. This is not surprising, given they are at a point in their lives when they often have the opportunity or greater freedom for new experiences, but their cognitive development is not so good at properly considering the consequences of these actions on their safety. Well, not yet anyway! On Friday, all Year 7s and Year 8s attended a talk by 22 year old Carl, who, after diving into the ocean without looking, has been left a quadriplegic. Carl is now in wheelchair and needs two carers and two hours to get him ready for each day.

Whilst this sounds a very sad story, all the students were so impressed to hear how Carl manages his condition and uses technology to enable him to function at quite a high level. Carl encouraged our students to ask questions, and they had plenty! It was so good to hear such a respectful and mature conversation about the lives of people with disabilities, and more importantly how this can be avoided by some common sense safety practices! Thanks to Mr Hall for organising the talk which was a really important and engaging experience for our Year 7s and 8s.

Reminder - Term Three is school photo time!

We will be holding our school photos on July 26 (for sporting teams, band members and art trip students), August 2 (Primary School) and August 3 (High School). More information will follow in due course, but please mark these dates in your diaries.


With the end of the financial year approaching fast, now is the perfect time to donate to the Jewish Education Foundation. For information on how to give, please contact the School on 9276 1644,

or visit our Give Now website:

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