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Photography is the art of seeing different perspectives through a camera. The camera is a vital tool of photography and can be positioned in different ways resulting in different perspectives able to be found. Sometimes the right camera position takes years to find, but once that position is found, a new perspective is introduced to the photographer. Composition is key to a photographer's aspiration to find new perspectives through a camera. Composition refers to the positioning of objects in a painting or in this case, a photograph. The goal of composition is to show the depth of a photo and its artistically pleasing value. Overall, photography involves color, positioning, and depth. Color and position truly bring out a photo's deeper meaning.


Bad Photograph

This photograph is a bit blurry, and I remember when I took this photo, that I did not put much effort into the final product. Although the image looks cool being unclose, it is hard to clearly see the leaf closer to the lens and the other parts of the photograph further away. In addition, it is very neat how the lens seems to focus on the stem in the photograph, but the stem is blurry and a bit clouded by the other pieces of the photograph. I could try and edit the focus and edit the blurriness to make this photo look more artistically pleasing.

Good Photograph

This photo is my favorite because it is beautiful. The yellow texture matches perfectly with the other colors in the photo. It is vibrant and invokes strong feeling. If I had included more of a perspective from the other flowers around the single flower shown, then it would have most likely tainted the realness of the single flower that is focused on by the lens.




Additional Emulation

J├╝rgen Heckel Examples:


Forced Perspective


Color or Composition

SOURCES: https://www.slideshare.net/akullaf/color-composition-presentation


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