Indus Valley by: Bailey bradley


The Indus Valley is good for civilization because it has good homes that are very good in quality of houses. There is lots of houses with many people all over the valley. Early civilizations lived in the Indus Valley that is today know as the Pakistan and western India. Archaeologists found the remains of a 4,600 year old city.


There were no mummies, no emperors, and no violent wars or bloody battles in their territory. This shows that they did have some sort of socialization, whether it was sending letters to each other or just talking to each other. They would send either letters or talk and communicate in person. There really wasn't any other way for early civilization people and for them to communicate and everything. Most of the time they were not very sociable towards whomever they were going to hit.


What researchers have found traces that lead to the Indus river and cavity first conducted in 1921 - 1922 in the old cities of Harappa and Mohenjorado, which of both that is now in Pakistan.


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