Physics Recap

Average speed: the speed over an OVERALL journey.

Does NOT mean normal or common. Involves math.

Instantaneous speed: the speed of the moment.

Does NOT mean fast speed.

Average Speed and Instantaneous speed are BOTH calculated using the SAME equation - speed = distance/time. They BOTH have to do with the time it takes someone to travel a certain distance.

Tortoise and the Hare

Newton's First - unbalanced forces cause acceleration.

An object at rest DOES have forces acting on it.

Newton's 2nd - Describes the relationship between force, acceleration, and mass. It is represented by the equation F=MA

Newton's 3rd - When two objects interact along a line, the reaction is equal and opposite. For these paired objects, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Inertia - the TENDENCY for an object to resist acceleration. A quantitative measurement of inertia is MASS - recorded in numbers and given the unit grams or kilograms.

An object's mass is NOT dependent on the speed of the object - as such, an object's inertia is not dependent on speed or acceleration, since these are the same ideas.

Acceleration - any change in speed AND/OR direction.

A car traveling 50 mph along a straight highway is not accelerating - why?

A car traveling a long a curved race track is accelerating - why?

Friction - a FORCE that opposes motion between two objects when they touch.

Gravitational force are attractive and depend on the masses of the objects and the distances between them.


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