ipod Battery

The battery of a device, the thing that allows it to work, the iPod's battery has aluminium and lithium. The aluminum is used to cover the inside component of the battery and the lithium is the rechargeable power source of the iPod.

An iPod's battery is made of recyclable aluminum that's why most of it can be reused.

In the iPod battery there isn't any hazardous materials such as lead and flame retardants but the only hazardous part is the lithium in the the battery, it could explode if it reaches extremely high temperatures.

Mostly Asian countries supply these materials but the U.S and Some European countries also supply these materials.

The iPod is easily recyclable along because the electronics is can get reused if not badly damaged, but the battery can not be recycled because all of the lithium gets weaker so the phone dies really quick. People tend to keep an iPod for about 2-3 years before it gets replaced.

iPod's are used the most in China, India and the USA, the largest growth markets are occurring in first world countries such as Canada, The united Kingdom and Australia.

The good pros for societal reasons are people can interact with each other even if they live far away, an iPod is slightly cheaper then a conventional phone. The cons for societal reasons would be someone would just pay attention to their iPod the whole time and would not care about anyone or anything around them. They are no environmental pros to an iPod but there are plenty of environmental cons to an iPod such as the lithium in the battery and if punctured can be toxic to humans and the environment around us. The economic pros are, it created a whole new industry which includes more jobs for people and the only con i can think of is "if" the industry crashed and nobody bought it anymore.

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