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Ronald Reagan created a supply-side and free market fiscal policy to get America out of the hole they were in economically which worked to stimulate business. He also wanted to boost the economy with tax cuts with the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981. One of the lowest tax rates ever buy a president. Reagan increased the defense of the U.S by 40%. He believed in peace through strength. He also used the trickle down effect which taxed the wealthy less so they could create more jobs.


Reagan handled a lot of social issues in America and everyone loved him because he resembled the regular man, including a Federal ban on abortions, the legalization of organized school prayer and an end to court-ordered busing to stop the race issues.


Iran- Contra- The only true scandal of President Reagan's presidency. The US government secretly sold weapons to Iran and used the money to support anti-communism Contras in Nicaragua. People found out but he was liked so much that peopled never called for impeachment Star Wars- Since Reagan increased military spending in his tenure as president he thought it would be a good idea to have system that would protect the US from nuclear missiles. The plan was to have satellites that could shoot a laser and destroy a missile before it got anywhere close to US soil. Pretty gnarly plan right? I mean we could laser missiles out of the sky and save millions of lives, lets do it! The one little problem was the US was no where near where it needed to be to produce those kinds of weapons.
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