The science of medical treatment/ astrology based anatomy By: Alaina Spirek

1. Trepanning

Trepanning involved boring a small hole into the skull to expose the outer membrane of the brain. The practice was believed to relieve pressure and treat health problems inside within the head, though it was also thought to cure epilepsy, migraines, and mental disorders and were a common fix for more physical problems. But such exposure of the brain to germs would often lead to death.

Trepanning has been most recently used in 2000 when two men in the US used it to treat a woman suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and depression

2. Blood Letting

Doctors of the medieval period believed in things called humors. The word humors referred to certain fluids found in the body: blood, yellow bile, black bile. The two main ways of doing this were leeching and venesection.

In leaching, a leech was placed on the part of the body that was a concern and the “blood-worm” would suck blood from the patient. Venesection was a little bit more direct: a doctor would literally open up a vein using a knife and allow blood to drain from the body.

Bloodletting was so common that some people drained their blood regularly just because they believed it would keep them healthy.

3. Poisonous Anesthetics

General anesthesia is only about 150 years old. Before a crude brew of herbs mixed with wine was used to sedate a person. The most common of these herbal anesthetics was known as dwale. There were numerous ingredients in dwale, such as lettuce and vinegar, to the deadly, such hemlock and opium. Much like modern knockout drugs, mixing these ingredients incorrectly could result in death

Astrology Based Anatomy

Aries:Avoid incisions in the head and face and cut no vein in the head.

Taurus: Avoid incisions in the neck and throat and cut no veins there.

Gemini: Avoid incisions in the shoulders, arms or hands and cut no vein.

Cancer: Avoid incisions in the chest, sides, stomach and lungs and cut no vein that goes to the spleen.

Leo: Avoid incisions of the nerves, lesions of the sides and bones, and do not cut the back either by opening and bleeding.

Virgo: Avoid opening a wound in the belly and in the internal parts.

Libra: Avoid opening wounds in the umbellicus and parts of the belly and do not open a vein in the back or do cupping.

Scorpio: Avoid cutting the knees

Sagittarius: Avoid incisions in the thighs and fingers and do not cut blemishes and growths.

Capricorn: Avoid cutting the knees or the veins

Aquarius: Avoid cutting the knees or the veins and veins in these places.

Pisces: Avoid cutting the feet.

Astrological signs chart

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