Diabetes Type 1

Damage of the pancreas can cause type 1 diabetes. Diabetes causes high blood sugar and low energy from sugar not getting in the cells do to lack of insulin. insulin is produced by the pancreas.

Diabetics should eat 6 oz of grains, 2 and a half cups of vegetables, 1 and a half cups of fruits, 3 cups of dairy, and 5 oz of protein food. The recommended amount of calories for type 1 diabetics is 185 per meal.

With type one diabetes comes responsibility you must check your blood sugar daily with a glucose meter test and control what you eat to maintain your blood sugar levels. Diabetics take insulin shots to help maintain blood sugar levels. before a meal your glucose level should be 80-130 mg/dl and less than 180 mg/dl after your meal. you will have a monthly A1C test at a clinic to see if your blood sugar has been high or low that month. the recommended A1C is 154 mg/dl

Exercise for type 1 diabetics you must blood glucose level before the activity. The length of time that the activity and the intensity of the activity need to be taken into account. If your blood sugar is below a 100 have a small carbohydrate before the activity. It is not recommended to exercise for more than 30 minutes.

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