The Hunt For Red October A novel by tom clansey

The Hunt for Red October takes place in the Cold War, a heated rivalry between the worlds superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. The Red October is a Soviet submarine equipped with a state of the art stealth drive, allowing it to pass undetected as it moves towards it's target. The Soviets give the control of it to a captain by the name of Marco Ramius who is arguably the best captain in the Soviet Union, and he has a plan of his own

The Soviet Navy gets a letter from Ramius after he leaves port about his secret mission. With war almost immanent they have to stop this lone submarine. With the largest navy they can muster, the Soviets set out on to catch this rogue and avoid an all out war.

With a fleet of Soviets off the East Coast and rumors of a missing submarine the United States matches their rivals navy with their own to ensure the protection of their country and hatch a plan to capture the Red October. With power to scare the world the U.S. begins to look for the submarine to battle their rival.

With the two superpowers after him and the stolen submarine, Marco Ramius must use all his wit and ingenuity to escape both countries forces and complete his secret plan. With the worlds peace at stake both powers begin the hunt for Red October.

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