Enlightenment Instructor Commentary

John Locke

Locke was famous for his Enlightenment philosophical ideals and writings.

Mary Wollenstonecraft spoke out for rights for women during the Enlightenment period.

Composition of music during enlightenment became more orderly and balanced as well as more secular.

The Instructor power point explains the basic ideas of the Enlightenment thinkers, lists names of famous persons related to the age of Enlightenment as well as some pictures. It relates to our study because after a period of revolutions and rebellions, the formation of new states that once belonged to European Empires, the people desired change. This change came in the form of the Enlightenment in Europe.

.................Islamic Art during the rule of the Ottoman Empire............


The Museum With No Frontiers online exhibit Discover Islamic Art displays some fascinating artwork from the Ottoman Empire. Artisans and craftsmen from guilds around the empire worked on numerous types of art and calligraphy. Eventually much of their art and craft work was sold for export to the newly developed world market. This is relevant to our course because we have just been reading about different aspects of the world market and trade of goods across the Atlantic.

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and her famous letters. luminarium.org/eightlit/montagu/marybio.htm


This site shares a good amount of information on Lady Mary Montagu, daughter of the Duke of Kingston. She kept a long running correspondence with friends and relatives as she accompanied her husband the ambassador to the Porte in Constantinople, giving her readers a first had account of what life was like in the East. This relates to our course because as we approach the study of the Enlightenment, this gives us a chance to apply Enlightenment thought & ideals to how she may have viewed the foreign world around her with an open mind that may not have been how it would have been viewed say 30 years earlier.

Enter the Dragon...... The Beginnings of English Chinoiserie Online Exhibit......

This online exhibit featured at www.chipstone.org/html/SpecialProjects/Dragon/39dragon.html displays some of the beautiful decorative dishes as well as silk embroidery which was made in Asia yet so popular a manufactured good in England. This is relevant to our course studyings because we are reading about the European view on Asian culture and art and the demand for 'china' dishes as it became known. Here you can find several period examples of pieces.

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