MADRID IN PHOTOS 2017 8th grade language trip


One of our main stops in Miami was Wynwood Walls, an outdoor exhibit with huge, colorful graffiti walls. (Photo by Sam Savada-Stevenson)
Wynwood Walls was full of beautiful modern art, which was very different from the art we saw in Spain.
Sra. Nicolich and Sra. Baeza enjoyed it too! (Photo by Marama Diaz-Asper)


The day we arrived, we went on an afternoon tour of Estadio Santiago Bérnabeu, the stadium where Real Madrid plays. (Photo by Saul Pink)
Some students played basketball on the school's giant playground and enjoyed time with Spanish students. (Photo by Sr. Pisano)


We went to the Reina Sofia Museum mainly to see Pablo Picasso's Guernica. We also saw the famous Roy Lichtenstein piece in front of the museum. (Photo by Sr. Pisano)
Our next stop was el Museo del Prado, featuring El Greco and Diego Velazquez. (Photo by Sr. Pisano)

DAys 4-7: 4 day weekend

Due to father's day in Spain, there happened to be a 4-day weekend while we were there. Many students did interesting things with there correspondents and classmates.

Castillo de Manzanares El Real, a medieval castle just outside of Madrid, was a place some students visited. (Photo by Saul Pink)
Many of the students visited El Escorial, a huge monastery where all the kings and queens of Spain are buried. (Photo by Saul Pink)
Avila is a medieval city about an hour outside of Madrid surrounded by a protective wall. (Photo by Saul Pink)
Some students went to different parts of Spain with their host families. For example, Sam Savada-Stevenson went to a farm in Cordoba. (Photo by Sam Savada-Stevenson)

Day 8: Toledo

Toledo is an old city located on the Tagus River. We went to the top of a hill to get a good view of the city. (Photo by Saul Pink)
37 students navigated through the narrow streets of Toledo.
A view from the other side of the Tagus River. (Photo by Sam-Savada Stevenson)


The main site in Segovia in the iconic roman aqueduct, built in the 1st century A.D. (Photo by Saul Pink)
The Alcazar of Segovia is another important landmark. It is medieval castle with incredible views. (Photo by Saul Pink)
These are the views from the top of the Alcazar. (Photo by Saul Pink)
The plaque next to the aqueduct reads "Rome to Segovia in the bimilenary of its aqueduct 1974". (Photo by Saul Pink)
More of the Aqueduct of Segovia.

Day 10: city center and plaza mayor

Statue of Carlos III at the city center of Madrid. (Photo by Saul Pink)
Students in front of the Palacio Real in Madrid. (Photo by Sr. Pisano)

Thanks to everyone who contributed photos...


Photos by: Sam Savada-Stevenson Marama Diaz-Asper Saul Pink Sr. Pisano

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