Froggy Friends By: Gabrielle garcia

What is a frog
What is a Frog?

"A tailless amphibian with a short squat body, moist smooth skin, and very long hind legs for leaping."

Where do Frogs Live ?
  • Frogs need to be around areas with a water source to reproduce
  • They are found in every other continent except Antarctica.
How do frogs protect themselves against their enemies?
  • Some have poison glands in their skin
  • Some will be very brightly colored body to warn enemies that it taste bad or are poisonous
  • Others use their color as camouflage to hide from their enemies.
  • Some will fool the enemy by puffing themselves up with air to make it look too big to be swallowed.
How do frogs catch insects for their food?
  • Frogs have a sticky tongue
  • The frog flips out its tongue rapidly and gets the insect.
  • Frogs will swallow their prey whole because they only have teeth in the upper jaw.
How do frogs catch insects for their food?
  • The male frogs are the ones that sing
  • Different species sing different songs
  • The males sing to attract the females for mating
  • Some frogs have a vocal sac which fills with air and swells up to make their voice louder
  • Some males use their voice as a territorial call to warn other males that this is their territory.
How do frogs mate?
  • Before frogs mate, their bodies go through some changes.
  • These changes are caused by hormones. They produce sex cells and changes in appearance of the frogs
  • When the male frog attracts a female to mate, it will sit on the female's back and hold onto it
  • As the eggs are released into the water, the male will release sperm over them to fertilize them
  • Frogs that live in tropical and semi-tropical regions, breed during the rainy season.
  • Others, breed in spring or early summer.
The Life Cycle of Frogs
  • The eggs will hatch within 3-25 days depending on the species
  • The eggs are usually covered with a jellylike substance which is a protective coating
  • Young frogs are called tadpoles or polliwogs
  • They look like little fish
  • As the tadpole develops, it will first grow the hind legs and then the front legs or arms
  • The tail slowly retracts and the frog hops up on land as an adult.
How are Frogs our Friends?
  • They are a source of food in some countries
  • We use them for medical research to test for new drugs
  • Students dissect them to learn about anatomy
  • "We are all connected in the web of life."

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