Sualtindaki Miah hardy

This is the flag of turkiness and my country

Living life the way you want and having fun by doing so.

Everyone goes through life trying to make sense of the good the bad, and the confusing. We face trials and take judgement just to survive the world. We try so hard to be alive, we forget that, were also meant to live. Our entire purpose in Sualtindaki is to enjoy the life we make no just exist in it.

Here in Saultindaki we live life to the fullest. We try to make the most of everyday life, having fun through everything we do. We support people no matter what, and they are always treated fairly. It doesn't matter what you do, who you are, or who you love. You are accepted.

My land of Saultindaki is a kingdom underwater. Everyone has been genetically altered to breath like the fishes but without all the nasty gils. Dragons have been born not by magic but by that of science, man kind created them and use them as pets and really cool flying machines. Anywhos enjoy.

A kingdom Not my kingdom but a kingdom

A typical day for kids in my utopia is pretty much kind of normal. They go to school and have free time after wards. School takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and on every other week Friday. School begins at 10 and ends at 3:45. They learn both the skills in classes they want and in ones that are required but mostly everyone focuses on the chosen classes as they are longer than the others. After school however, every child is able to to do what ever they want. Whether thats sleeping or going to a concert. Everyone is trusted and expected to be home by midnight.

A typical day for an adult is work and fun. They don't have to go to work all that often and most jobs are given from home. Though since they only have work every other day they have to work a bit longer on their working days, but not to long about 9 in the morning to 6 at night. Half the community has work every other day with free days and work days, the other has work has the same but their work and free days are switched with the first half of the community.

As for the rules and laws in my country, they're aren't too many but they all are important. They are as following.

1. There is no excluding, discrimination, to anyone no matter what gender, or culture. Everyone is accepted.

2. No bad language, racial terms, or any hurtful or judgmental words to anyone no matter in what context.

3. Everyone must learn either martial arts, self defense or ninja skills. This is very important to everyone and will be used responsibly.

4. Everyone must attend school its good for brain and social skills, from the ages of about like 3 or 4 to when they graduate.

5. All drugs and alcohol for anything other than medical reasons are outlawed and prohibited to anyone and everyone.

6. No vehicles of any kind are allowed. Transportation must be by either riding your umbrella boat, sea creature, or mechanical dragon, because we are thinking of pollution people, no contaminating the environment we live in.

7. All medical services, such as health care and such are free. Injured people will be evaluated and given proper treatment.

8. Everyone must speak in old timey, forms of language like shakesphere, and proper grammer is frowned upon but not outlawed

9. You are allowed to wear whatever you please be it a swim suit or a ball gown, but under no circumstance can anyone wear poka-dots. And all citizens are required to wear a shark hat.

10. Everyone is allowed to have fun but anyone who takes that right to far and does a crime will be apprehended by the Hardy boys (the police force) and taken to jail to be put to trial.

As for the government it is a democracy, where 13 new politicians are chosen every 3 years. They all have different ideas and values, and once a problem comes up they argue for different points of view on the matter. This was the government chosen because who wants to live in a place where blood decided who leads or a specific religion. A democracy is put in so that people rights are put above anything else.

Now my utopia may seem a little chaotic and out of place, it's far from perfect and the rules are a little wacky but everyone is treated fairly and enjoying the lives we live are put up highly on priorities. People are thought of as people, not toys or objects, and everyone is respected whether they wear a ballerina to-to all day long or if they walk around in a suit made of bacon. We believe in peace, love, kindness and fairness, kinda like hippies, but you know without all the drugs and protesting because well... drugs are banned and protesting takes a lot of time and effort.

Not what are people look like but you know I mentioned a hippie

If you actually want to move in to my underwater utopia of fun and chaos, you are welcome to. The only requirements are that you value others highly, as well as speak in old timey words like verily, and own a flying water bird for delivering messages. You also have to have a background check done and get your shots to make sure you don't have like rabies or whatever other diseases there are. That's about it. Your welcomed to our community. Enjoy your stay! :)


Created with images by Schoggimousse - "underwater fish atlantis" • zorgum314 - "Hand painted turkeys" • ABBones - "Harbour Island" • tookapic - "hippie butterflys colour"

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