Digital Autobiography my experience with technology in the classroom

I began school in August of 2000. This was the time of cassette tapes, VHS, VCRs, floppy disks and of course, the technological anxiety of Y2K. The internet was still relatively new and yet to be fully adapted into schools and homes.
Teachers used cassette tapes and cassette players in elementary school. While we were learning to read, we would follow along to read-aloud books.
Video cassette recorders (VCRs) were used to show historical documentaries and educational video clips in the classrooms.
The overhead projector was a staple in every classroom. It was used with transparencies to project and write subject material on the board.
By my middle school years, video projectors replaced overhead projectors which allowed a computer to connect to a screen. PowerPoint was used to convey information with slides, animations, colors, sounds, video clips and more.
Again projector screens were revolutionized and by high school, the interactive Smart Board replaced video projectors. This board enabled teachers to write on the screen and manipulate its various touch screen tools and resources.
My college years introduced personal technology devices such as i-clickers. These devices could survey the class and collect data that we would then statistically manipulate. Additionally, other classes used personal technology devices to assess classroom participation, attention, and attendance. This helped engage students in what otherwise would be a tedious lecture.
My college years were also the first time I owned a smartphone or laptop computer. Today, I have the world in my pocket with internet accessible from almost anywhere.
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