A Day Without Magnets By Adam Kaminski

Every day you wake up, eat your breakfast, go to school or work, go home, and go to bed. That is probably how you live your daily life. But imagine that there were no magnets. Not a big deal, right? Believe it or not, your daily life would be changed drastically without the help of magnets.

Let's say you wake up, ready to face the day. As you get up out of your bed, the top cover of your bed tears right in half. This would happen if magnets didn't exist. Some duvet covers, which are blankets, have magnets in them, to keep them together so when they are pulled, they don't tear. You get out of bed and start to get dressed. You decide, since you have an important job interview today, to put on your best jacket. You put it on and start to connect the buttons. They don't connect and your stuck exposing your plane white shirt. That's because some buttons on fancy jackets use magnets to connect. After you find your second best jacket, you walk downstairs. You chow down on a quick bowl of cereal. Since you've got a little extra time on your hands, You pull your laptop out of your bag, excited about all of the things you will see on the internet. To your disbelieve, your laptop had died overnight! You had charged it just the day before. This is because there is a magnet in your laptops hard drive that detects when you're laptop is closed to turn it off to conserve energy.

After feeling down, you exit your house and walk down to the maglev train. You've never been on it before but you've heared that it hovers over the tracks. It's the fastest way to get to your job interview. As you approach the train, you notice a sign. "Out of order." You cant really see the train but by looking at the back you can see that it has fallen onto the tracks and wont budge. That's because the maglev train works by using magnets. Maglev is short for magnetic levitation. It works because powerful electromagnets pull the train forward allowing it to move extremely fast.

Maglev Train

Well luckily It's not too far away and you have a bike at home. You run back home and start biking over to your job interview. Even after your bike ride, your feeling pumped. You walk up to the front desk and ask if you can see Mr. Smith. She derects you to floor 12 room 368. You decide to take the stairs. After you arrive at room 368, you slowly open the door. You see the man himself. Your future boss, Mr. Smith. You take a seat and he starts asking you questions. Half way into the interview, the power went out! Luckily since you have a degree in machinery, you volunteer to fix it. You look at the generator and see that the magnets in the generator have stopped working! Without the magnets, the generator cant transmit the electricity around itself. You get out you're mobile phone to try to get a flashlight on your phone. It turns on but its doesnt get farther than that. That's because the part of the phone that is used to detect speech uses magnets. All of the phone has to work for the phone to work at all. Luckily you have a mini-flashlight in your pocket. You pull it out and start to work. You get really close to the magnet and try to move it in place then Wam! You got an electric shock by the generator. You are quickly rushed to the hospital.

When you arrive at the the hospital, they give you an MRI scan to check if your brain is all right. An MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. The MRI has a magnetic field that allows the machine to detect your brain and see if there is any abnormalities. But since, of course, your imagining that your in a world without magnets, the MRI wont work. Since the MRI doesn't work on you, they have to go in blind to an operation on your scull. Since they don't know what to operate on, you die a slow painful death. Life is not livable without magnets. Even the magnetic field around earth. It helps in protecting from the solar winds.

To summarize, life is unlivable without magnets. Be thankful for all the magnets in your life.

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Created By
Adam Kaminski


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