Ultimate Room Heater

This is a room heater that heats around around 2/4 to 3/4 of a room like this science room. Its is made out of Plywood, Plexiglas, cans sprayed with BBQ paint, insulated tubes, and wooden planks. The reason this was made was because it cuts down on heating costs. It doesn't require batteries or electricity. Only the sun.
First, we cut a board of plywood to the correct size and length.
Second, we bolted table legs to the plywood as boarders.
Third, we painted the soda cans black to aborb the sunlight.
Fourth, we used a caulk gun to secure the cans to the plywood board.
Fifth, we used the caulk gun again to secure the Plexiglas to the wooden boarder.


Created with images by Stones - "fire flame wood fire" • rioncm - "DSC01625" • McDowell-Craig - "SchoolHouse Student Desk" • jasper-m - "soda can drink" • CARLISLEHVAC - "Cartridge Killer Extrusion Gun Kit"

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