Cinematography Chara Dasher

Low Angle - Used to make the subject intimidating/threating
Over the Shoulder Shot - Used to see who the subject, Tony Stark, is talking to from their P.O.V.

Arc shot - Used to get a glimpse of all the subjects in one shot (2:00-2:12)

Long Angle - To show the whole body(ies) of both subjects, and compare them
Extreme High Angle - To indicate that the subject is in a vulnerable position
Mid Shot - Used to indicate that the "mysterious" subject is of importance, that the audience should pay attention to them
Wide Shot - Used to show how small/far the subject is from it's home, and is also used to set the scene

Tracking Shot - Used to track/follow the subject of interest (2:49-2:51)

Extreme Low Angle - To make the subject inferior, small, and /or isolated
Establishing Shot - Used to establish where the scene is going to take place for the next act
Created By
Chara Dasher

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