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Hana. 20. Degree in PR (just PR). Finally getting that kick start on my aspiration of actually starting a blog someday. Reading, writing and thinking of ways to tell my cat, Mila, how much I love her. The millennial dream: travelling journalist.

Assignment 1: E - Portfolio

Exercise 1 : Stop Motion Animation


Hana is insecure and seeks confidence by wearing makeup but upon wearing the makeup, she finds that she does not gain any confidence and instead, dislikes her looks even more and does not feel like herself. She wipes the makeup off and realises that she feels more confident in her own skin.

Exercise 2 : Viral Content


Drawings by Carly Rae Andrews

A look into how certain drugs affect a person mentally and physically.


Image taken from

Cocaine releases a greal deal of dopamine - also known as the “pleasure chemical”. It causes people to feel energetic and alert, and most importantly allowing them to experience sex heightening highs.

However, Soptaw and Larissa Mooney, professors of substance abuse issues at UCLA, warns that it can cloud your decision-making. Moreover, according to asapSCIENCE’s video titled ‘Your Brain on Crack Cocaine”, the dopamine levels will drop significantly soon after and would greatly affect the consumer’s mood - leading to depression.

A 34-year-old female, participating in a casual sex project while high on cocaine says:

“I felt elated after. Like I had just been in some fantasy land of raw gritty sex w/ a beautiful stranger. It felt surreal almost. Then the reality of the effects in my reputation, possibility of pregnancy and stds started to hit me a bit. Not to mention the fact that he didn’t want another night w/ me. He simply wanted a one night stand. So that didn’t feel great.”


Illustration by nynarwhal

Viagra is a type of drug that increases blood flow to specific organs, particularly the penis. It is meant to treat erectile dysfunctions, causing the penis to be erected for 4 hours.

A man’s decision to take up a bet cost him his life. The 28-year-old Moscow man died of a heart attack after downing an entire bottle of viagra. The bet was made when two of his female co-workers questioned his ability to satisfy them for 12 hours straight. But winning the bet led to his own untimely death.

Exercise 3 : Infographics

Exercise 4 : Mobile App

Mobile App Name: FOODIFY

Description: The main purpose of this app is to help people make decisions, specifically where/what to eat.

The app allows you to add lists/photos and shuffles the choices for you.

(1) Splash Screen

(2) User Login

(3) Homepage

(4) Shuffle

The shuffle function is divided into two categories - food and restaurant.
The following are already saved choices made by the user.
Users also have the option to change the name of the "playlist".
When the user presses the "shuffle" button, the choice will be made.
The same can be done under the restaurant category.
In both categories, users also have the option to take photos of the food/restaurant instead of listing it down.
The name of the "playlist" can also be changed.
Once the shuffle button is clicked, the picture of the food/restaurant is shown rather than words.

(4) Quick Shuffle

Quick Shuffle is a function that allows users to: (1) make a quick playlist for fast decisions or (2) make a new saved playlist


On the "friends" page, users can look for other users (friends/strangers).
Their names and playlists would pop up.
Once the user has entered their profile, they can browse through their public playlists.
Users can even shuffle from other people's playlists.

(6) My Account

In your own account, you can choose to hide/show certain playlists

Assignment 2: Video

Art: (h)youmen (name of social media page), people who identify themselves as global citizens (community interest), beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but art lies within the beholder; leading people to understand a world of flawless beauty (objectives), Interview based (video concept & idea)






Hana's pathetic attempt at trying to stay awake during lectures.

(2) Happy

But when Hana's friends sit next to her in class, the laughter shared keeps her awake.

(3) Sad

Eating instant noodles reminds college students how much (little) money they have.

(4) Working

You know you've studied more than your brain can take when you start questioning your own existence.

(5) Angry

Cats don't understand the concept of "I didn't study anything for tomorrow's paper please leave me alone," and then continue to walk all over your books (literally).

(6) Confused

"Wait, did my answers for this quiz get submitted before the wifi crashed????????" "How will I explain this to the lecturer?????????"

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Farah Hazizan

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