Kamryn's rubber band bracelets Created by Kamryn Wood

Why I am making bracelets

I am was making bracelets for fun and I thought I could sell them and get some more money and maybe donate some. So I made this website.

What kind I make

  1. Entrapped fishtail
  2. Fishtail
  3. Simple basic
  4. Single band quad fish

Pictures of the bracelets

Entrapped fishtail
Simple basic
Single band quad fish ( I am not very good still learning but ok at it)


The price depends on how big and what kind of bracelet you want. For a large entrapped fishtail ( the size of a grown woman) it would be maybe $2.00. For a medium entrapped fishtail ( a teen) $2.00. A small entrapped $1.50 ( kid). A single band quad fish is the same as entrapped fishtails. A fishtail is the same but $1.50 for grown woman. $1.25 for teen size. $1.00 for kids. A simple basic is $0.75 for all of the sizes. Simple basics are not that good they brake easier than the others. Also they don't look as good as the others.

Contact me

Contact me at. EMAIL:kamrynlayne@icloud.com PHONE: 478-288-0294


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