Ralph Waldo Emerson Mikel Bozarth

Ralph Waldo Emerson

188Ralph Waldo Emerson was Born May 25, 1803 in Boston, Massachusetts. Emerson went to school at Harvard and right after he got out of school he entered ministry. He worked as a preacher for sometime at the Old Second Church. Soon after he started working there his wife died of tuberculosis. Emerson in his early stages visited England to meet with Thomas Carlyle then later Carlyle's thoughts on life helped Emerson create his own philosophy on life and his own views which later helped inspire his writings. He later then moved back to Massachusetts and got married for a second time. Emerson was known for his traditional(having to do with God) thought on things. Emerson is one of the central figures in the movement of the American transcendentalists. Transcendentalism was a reform basically against scientific rationalism which is the idea of a scientific explanation behind life. A transcendentalist is someone who believes in finding yourself through God and nature and that this is the only way to find out who you truly are. Emerson is not only a poet he is also a lecturer, essayist, minister and an American philosopher. Emerson is known as Waldo Emerson and he is a lecturer and later rewrites them as essays to have them in paper form. His poems are known as harsh and didactic. A lot of his poems also have to with God and nature because of his beliefs. Emerson is also a firm believer in finding your goals through nature and God. Emerson's first book called "Nature" is a good representation of the ideas of a Transcendentalist. Emerson also came up with a motto "Trust Thyself" which means to go by your own experiences instead of listening to authority. Which is a little bit of a rebel move on his part. This motto also started to be used by other Transcendentalists of the time. Ralph Waldo Emerson died April 27, 1882 of pneumonia.

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