Colonial Mills By Casper Cornelissen

The Gristmill

Gristmills are a lot like windmills that we have today (Which make electricity), except Gristmills, grind corn, get flour and make bread. Gristmills were very important in the colonial days. this is because the miller made bread for the whole entire colony and without that bread, a lot of the colonists could go hungry and not survive.
There are two types of Gristmills that the colonist's used, one of the two is powered by water the other one is powered by wind. People usually think of windmills when I say that it is powered by wind, but it isn't a windmill, it's just a gristmill. Grist means grain, while a mill is something that grinds. A miller works at a mill and he uses two ways to crush grain, the mortar and pestle, and the quern ( A miller prefers to use the quern because it requires less work).
This is a mill pond. The miller can control the speed that the water comes in.
Also, did you know that some mills have a mill pond? They have mill ponds because if there is a fast flowing river, the mill will go fast too (The wheel will start spinning like crazy). So, in a pond the water moves slowly or doesn't move at all so the miller can control the mill speed
Millers usually make a living by baking and selling bread. The bread can be made of wheat, oats, barley or rye. Also, millers can make bread a little different by using different types of grain.
Did you know that flour made of corn (Corn flour) is heavier than the flour in England?
This is a mortar and Pestle
This is a mortar and pestle. It looks old right? Well it could be 400 years old. explorers used it. The mortar is made out of a big stone or a tree stump. A pestle, on the other hand, is made out of a branch and carved into the shape of a club.
The corn kernels that the millers used were so hard to grind, that before the kernels got grinded they had to boil it in water so it would get soft.


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