Boca appeals to the westport community Anay Simunovic and Jack Beck

Recently, a restaurant by the name of Boca opened up at 42 Main Street in downtown Westport. The new establishment works to celebrate the cuisines of the Mediterranean coastal regions of France, Italy, and Spain.

According to their website, “Our philosophy is simple, take whatever’s good and fresh and delicious, do as little to it as possible, and share it with people who think like us.”

A beautiful platter of the burrata.

The fundamental philosophy of the restaurant seems to be working well. Customers consistently leave their eating experience with great satisfaction.

“My expectations were really high after hearing amazing reviews from my friends and it definitely lived up to my expectations,” said Sara Zurmuehle ’19.

The warm atmosphere, great service and delicious food massively contribute to the experience one receives at Boca.

One of the many beautiful table settings Boca has to offer.

According to Jack Sharkey ’18, “The ambience and service were great.”

As soon as we stepped through the dark grey doors, we were met with the soothing sounds of latin music softly vibrating off of the decorated walls of the building. We then ascended the spiral staircase towards the dining area, illuminated by natural light seeping through glass windows. Lastly, we sat atop plush gray chairs awaiting service.

The delicious Fettucini Lobster served with mixed veggies.

The waiters of the restaurant were extremely friendly and speedy. In addition to that, it was apparent that all members of the staff obtained a plethora of knowledge relating to the restaurant and the food with which it provided.

The menu featured a variety of foods largely influenced by Mediterranean cuisine. We ordered the buratta, fettuccine lobster and chicken bufala.

Chicken bufala topped with sauteed vegetables and potatoes

The creaminess of the burrata was complemented well by the subtly salty cherry tomatoes which outlined the plate. The fettuccine lobster seemed to melt in your mouth, the truffle cream sauce engulfed the perfectly cooked strands of fettuccine and worked well with the mild and slightly sweet taste of the lobster. Lastly, the chicken bufala was cooked to a light crisp and surrounded by roasted potatoes and asparagus which strung together the hearty flavor of the meat.

“My family and I went hoping to try some authentic Italian food, and none of us were disappointed in what we got,” said Ben Van Der Merwe ’18.

Overall, Boca is a perfect location for a night out on the town.

“The overall experience was extremely positive. The atmosphere was great, the people were nice and the food was amazing. I will definitely be going again,” said Zurmuehle.

The entire table of delicious food accompanied by fresh bread and olive oil.

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