The Fairly OddParents! Vicky Angaramo & Laura Townsend

Once upon a time...

There was a boy named Timmy Turner who lived in dimmsdale, california. Timmy was neglected by his parents and tortured by his babysitter. One day he was granted two fairy godparents, cosmo and wanda, who have the ability to grant his every wish, giving him an escape from his miserable life.

Timmy Turner

However, upon analyzing this storyline, we have come to the conclusion that Timmy Turner is schizophrenic. SCHIZOPHRENIA* is a psychological disorder* that impacts people of all ages. common symptoms include seeing or HEARING things that are not present (hallucinations*), having delusions*, finding little to no pleasure in life, and having a hard time focusing. We think timmy suffers form this illness because he insists that fairies exist, and shows signs of all other symptoms.

Timmy's Parents

Timmy's parents have also noticed signs of schizophrenia in timmy. While they are not very involved parents, they have noticed behaviors out of the norm*.

Mr. Turner: My brother, Patrick , showed similar symptoms to Timmy. I remember when we were kids he would not want to play with me because he was always busy with his "friend" . However, I came to realize that this "friend" did not exist and it was all imaginary. Patrick later got diagnosed with schizophrenia. Thus, I believe that Timmy's illness is due to genetics*.
Mrs. Turner: Now looking back at the situation, I have noticed that my lack of involvement in my son's life may have had a negative impact on his mental health. After doing some online research, I have found that sometimes children development this mental disorder when their mothers are detached. I believe his disorder might stem from some unconscious conflicts from his childhood.

While Timmy's Parents were CONSTANTLY out of the house, Timmy was left in the hands of his babysitter, vicky. Vicky appeared nice to his parents, but the moment they left the house she would completely transform into a bully.

Vicky, Timmy's babysitter

Upon further examination, we have come to the conclusion that Vicky SUFFERS from multiple PERSONALITY disorder, also known as DISSOCIATIVE identity disorder (DID)*. Multiple PERSONALITY disorder is a severe condition in which two or more distinct IDENTITIES, or personality states, are present in - and ALTERNATELY take control of- an individual. This is seen in vicky when she experiences drastic changes in mood and personality.

Timmy not only has terrible experiences at home but also at school. His teacher, Mr. Crocker, constantly wants revenge on timmy, gives him f's on all of his tests and chases with a fairy gun with hopes of capturing cosmo and wanda.

Mr. Crocker

These behaviors are SYMPTOMS of ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY disorder*. People with this disorder show a lack of conscience for wrongdoing and a lack of respect for the rights of other people. Because of their lack of conscience they are more LIKELY to engage in criminal-like behaviors with no remorse. His two students, AJ and Chester, speak about his atypical behaviors*.

AJ: I am a straight A student in all of my classes but whenever I take a test in Mr. Crocker' s class I get an F despite knowing all the information. He purposely gives all the students bad grades because he thrives off other people's failure. I look at his behaviors from a behavioral perspective*; I think his behaviors stem from his parents' failure to punish his abnormal behaviors. Thus, eventually he believed they were normal. Now he continues his off behaviors, which has a negative impact on the people that surround him.
Chester: I remember one time I saw Mr. Crocker running after Timmy in the hallway with a large weapon, screaming about fairies. Clearly, he has gone mad. I agree with AJ that part of Mr. Crocker's abnormal behavior stems from his childhood experiences, but I also think that genetics plays a part. Mr. Crocker might have inherited a gene that is the cause of this mental illness.
Chester (far left) and AJ (middle)

Timmy being surrounded by so many mentally unstable people causes his schizophrenia to worsen. He spends most of his time with his "fairies" to get away from his miserable reality

The End

*Key terms:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Psychological Disorder
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Norm
  • Genetics
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
  • Antisocial Personality Disorder
  • Atypical Behaviors
  • Behavioral Perspective

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