Goof Life Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural history


Model: Alison Atchia

Its hard to argue with the captivating beauty of the butterfly gardens, there is something so calming about being surrounded by such delicate creatures. I was so entranced I spent an hour relaxing in the garden without a second thought. The garden also taught many of the habits and qualities to the butterfly world. Learning about butterflies in such an immersive way is something I would recommend to everyone.


This mammoth skeleton serves as an excellent reminder that humans are simply another member of the biotic world, and with too much elitism we may create irreparable damage. This mammoth skeleton comes from a time when humans were in a very primitive stage of development and not the dominant world force we are today. Seeing a glimpse into Paleolithic times when we were simply another creature fighting for survival is somewhat of an ego check for us homo sapiens. Going to the FLMNH and seeing the wondrously diverse world of biology is an excellent reminder of how important the preservation of our natural world is. I feel the weight of my environmental impact everyday, and hope one day to live completely emission and waste free!


A great example of being in connection with nature is the Native American people, who's entire religion is centered on being connected with the natural world. It is easy to under appreciate the true the majesty of our natural world. By taking time out of our lives to appreciate the world around us can help us come to appreciate many more of the smaller aspects of who we are. Things we might leave ignored, which could drastically improve our outlook on life. I hope to one day travel to all of the world's greatest sights such as the Grand Canyon and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Nature has always been a calming presence influence in life, helping to remind me that my existence is solely defined by my place in society but in the entire universe. Thank you to the FLMNH for reminding me of that!

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