APLA Laser Cutter Rules & Safety

By using the laser cutters in the Dudley Hall, you agree to abide by the instructions, terms of use, and restrictions laid out in this document.

The Dudley Hall Laser Cutters, along with all University resources are to be used for instructional, educational and research purposes only, in accordance with all policies laid out in Code of Student Conduct found here: http://conduct.auburn.edu/


Turn on the exhaust fan under the laser cutter as soon as you step to the laser computer. It must be on the entire time you are cutting. Running the cutters without the exhaust exposes you and others to dangerous fumes and smoke, and will also damage the cutters.

No food or drink near the laser cutters or computers. Spilled liquids can permanently damage the laser cutters and other equipment. Consumption of food in a workspace where people use tools, materials, and processes that involve or produce compounds that are not safe for human consumption can taint your food and cause illness both in the short and long term.

Make sure you read the tutorial. The tutorial is located here: http://aub.ie/laser. The instructions are different than the instructions for the Dudley Shop laser cutters. Please follow the list of approved materials listed and if you need any assistance please do not hesitate to ask for help.

Cut only approved materials. Other materials pose a fire risk and/or produce toxic byproducts when cut/etched/engraved by the laser. Non-approved materials can also cause damage to expensive parts in the machine. All plastics, foam core, and 1/4" cardboard are forbidden from the indoor laser cutters.

Know what you are cutting. Local suppliers sell certain items, especially plastics that are not what they say they are. Using mystery materials can start fires, cause health and environmental hazards, and is strictly forbidden. All plastics and two-ply cardboards are forbidden from the indoor laser cutters.

Never leave your cutter unattended. Ever! Materials can flare up and cause a self-sustaining fire at any time. Materials that cut fine for you in the past, may flare up and cause a fire in the future.

Keep the machine clean. To reduce risk of fire, do not allow waste from cut materials to build up in the machine. There is a vacuum cleaner next to the machines for this purpose.

Note where the fire extinguisher is located, and be prepared to use it if necessary.

On the 2nd Floor there is an extinguisher located next to the water fountain and on the 3rd Floor the extinguisher is on the left when you walk in.

In case of sustained fire, open the lid of the machine to stop the laser from cutting, and smother the flames.

If you are continually having problems getting your material to cut, see the IT Manager or APLA Shop Manager. The lens may be dirty, or you may be using the wrong settings. If you see big flames or excessive smoke, there is something wrong. Stop the cutter immediately and get help.

In order to log onto the indoor laser cutters you must take the QUIZ (by following this link) to ensure you understand the rules set forth in this document.


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